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Theosophy Says Each Person Has 7 Separate Bodies–Each One With Specific Function


Theosophy Says Each Person Has 7 Separate Bodies–Each One With Specific Function

The field of Theosophy provides us with a number of studies relating to a very insightful concept. The concept that human beings are constructed of seven separate bodies. These are again segregated into two categories, namely the higher or spiritual bodies and the lower or physical bodies. These seven different kinds of bodies can be named as: lower Mental Body, upper Mental Body, Etheric or Physical Body, Buddhic Body, Body of Spirituality or Atma, Astral Body and finally an entity that represents the divine ray over our souls.

Each one of them will now be described as follows:

Lower Mental Body

This is basically our brain or mind, having reason and logic, which is supposed to contain vibrations of thoughts. When we are working our minds at something, what we are doing is basically initiating the conversion of the “Mental Matter” into specific vibrations and movements, which may be compared to ripples. When someone can grasp these movements, it is known as telepathy. This part of the body is nothing but the thinking abilities in the normal course of our lives. This may be thought of to be Freud’s conscious mind.

Upper Mental Body

This is a part of the “Spiritual Trinity” and cannot be altered that easily. This part is concerned more with the ideas or concepts of things, and less with the real world. Everything that takes place in the lower mental body has its origins deep inside the upper mental body. This is a very crucial body that allows innovation, creativity, meditation etc. One needs to receive spiritual upliftment in order to reach this part.

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Etheric Body

This is the center stage of our physical bodies and is considered to be the energy provider. This body has a number of locations of consciousness or Chakras, which are structured more or less like flowers. These Chakras bear connections to our brain and nerves.

Buddhic Body

As the name implies, this is indeed the originating place of Spiritual Wisdom and Affection. This helps us to think and grasp beyond the levels of the myriad human conditions, and makes us establish links to our Buddhi Nature. A lot about this plane can be understood from the works and messages of Lord Buddha.

Astral Body

This plane hosts all the negative and positive emotions present in each and every one of us. Like the thoughts in the mental layers, all emotions are also generated in the form of waves of a plethora of natures and intensities. This forms an aura around us comprising of feelings. A lot of things are present in the Astral body which is abstract or cannot be observed in the “earthly” domain.

Atma Body

It is the summit or the highest point of every human being and it is actually what we call our “Spirit”. Although we can’t feel or experience its presence, it controls us to a great extent and makes us “one”. To interact with this stage, people have to attain perfect enlightenment or Nirvana through strenuous journeys and sacrifices in our lives. This part is also often considered even more powerful than Gods.

Monadic Spark

This last body is nothing but a ray of the sheer spiritual flame of the Universe. These sparks have been thrown everywhere over the courses of Evolution and others. These sparks guide us in our way towards the completion of the continuous process of evolution.

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