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The Owner Of The Restaurant Didn’t Recognize Him And Told Him There’s No Way To Sit With That Tennis Gear

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The Owner Of The Restaurant Didn’t Recognize Him And Told Him There’s No Way To Sit With That Tennis Gear

The proprietor of a restaurant in Melbourne has doubled down on his policy after Russell Crowe and his then-girlfriend Britney Theriot were denied entry for not dressing appropriately.

Mr Miyagi’s owner, Kristian Klein, agreed with his employees’ decision to deny service to the pair because of their “slobby workout clothing.”

What accounts for ‘slobby gym clothes’ apparently relies on perception, as Crowe was really wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt he’d bought earlier that day and Theriot was wearing her tennis skirt.

Before going out to supper, the couple played a game together.

‘We treat everyone the same. It doesn’t matter who you are or if you are Russell Crowe. We’ve got a dress code that we that we push across every level’ Mr Klein told The Herald Sun on Friday. 

‘So whoever it is, it stays the same. We’re consistent with it and I don’t feel like it’s unreasonable.’

Mr Klein said the fashionable eatery consistently refuses anyone wearing beach clothing and athleisure, including yoga pants, tank tops and flip sandals.

‘We’re not trying to teach people how to dress. But I know personally if I’m in my thongs and my boardies, I’m not going to try and go to a nice restaurant, because I wouldn’t be dressed appropriately’ he said. 

On Friday, they played a round of tennis but were denied entry to the Japanese fusion restaurant Mr. Miyagi for lunch thereafter.

Crowe’s manager, Grant Vandenberg, revealed the incident in an interview with the Daily Mail of Australia.

‘He (Russell) went there wearing a brand new Ralph Lauren polo having just played a game of tennis and was turned away,’ Mr Vandenberg said.

After that, Crowe and Theriot had lunch at a different local establishment.

After the incident, he and the eatery were connected in an effort to make amends.

A smart casual dress code is in effect at Mr. Miyagi’s, so please refrain from wearing any type of work attire, athletic wear, singlets, or thongs.

When asked by The Sydney Morning Herald if they wanted Crowe back on Friday, Mr Miyagi owner Kristian Klein said that they did.

Since their 2020 romance began, Crowe and Theriot have frequently been spotted playing tennis together.

The two actors first crossed paths in 2013 on the production of the film Broken City; their relationship was later confirmed by photos of them being amorous on a tennis court in 2020.

Crowe has two boys, Charles and Tennyson, from his marriage to Danielle Spencer (2003-2012).

Do you agree with his choice, or do you think that prominent people deserve special treatment?

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