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The Invisible Connection Between Two People Who Are Destined To Be Together


The Invisible Connection Between Two People Who Are Destined To Be Together

Legend has it that people who were connected together by the strings of fate could never be broken by all and sundry.

Their destiny was to be together, regardless of time and space and nothing anyone could do would change the fact that they were made for each other.

And let this be clear: There is NOTHING that can ever break apart the two people that are destined to be together, except death.

Red Is The Warmest Color

The universal color for desire, love, and attraction is Red. Red is highly significant in this regard, for the thread that binds two people together is almost always red in color.

The Origin

It is either God, or destiny. Something or the other would tie you up using a string, if they realized you two are beneficial for each other in more ways than one. Also, this is a belief that has literally been imported from East Asia, speaking about a connection with your other half.

West vs East

Both hemispheres always had something to say about this special connection you share with someone. The East Asian concept of ‘string’ is similar to that of the Western ‘twin flame or soul mate’. The difference being, the West advises us to find the person with whom we feel a pull, while the East advises us to find the connection itself.

Everything Happens For A Reason

There is a legend about a boy who once met an old man on the road and he was reading a book. Being curious, he asked the man when the man showed him a picture of a girl that he was destined to marry. Disbelieving and angry, for as a child he didn’t want to marry a girl, he threw a rock at the page and ran away. Decades later, he grows up to marry the most gorgeous girl in the Kingdom, only to find her beautiful face marred by a scar from a rock that someone has thrown at her. This might just be a folklore, or a late night story to warn children about ‘cooties’, but the meaning is clear. You can’t avoid fate. You can run from it as much as you want. Run to the deepest corners of the Earth, but fate will catch up to you, no matter what.

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Maintaining a Relationship

It doesn’t matter if you are in the stone ages, or the 11th century or the present generation – maintaining a relationship has always been tough. It is not an easy thing to do and it requires a lot of work from both partners. Perseverance, loyalty, respect and love are the four pillars based on what a relationship stands. The red thread is only a map to your mate. The rest of the road depends on how well you both can navigate it within yourselves, without endangering your love. The red thread doesn’t assure a stable life. It just entails that you have someone.

Wherever You Go, They Follow

You could be miles away from your lover, but the thread attached to you would enable their presence in your life forever. Distance doesn’t matter. It is only the heart that yearns to be together.

Searching For Love

People with a red thread do not need to go searching for love. Love is already there; it is present in their life. They have an overwhelming presence in someone’s life, which they don’t need to enforce by simply meeting. It is just…there. Similarly, it also helps when this red thread establishes a modicum of freedom helping people meet other people without the added burden of trying to see if you could love them, for you are already in love with someone else. They act as a warranty to your good behavior.

Pinky finger

This red thread is tied to your pinky finger, according to a Japanese legend. People used to tie it to their pinky finger and that is how the whole “pinky swear” or “pinky promise” saying comes from. And supposedly, in the past, if you break a promise, it led to cutting off your pinky finger.


Red threads never break. NEVER.

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