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If you don’t do these 10 things in your relationship, you’re already in the wrong direction


If you don’t do these 10 things in your relationship, you’re already in the wrong direction

Relationships don’t have to be perfect, but they need to be happy. The sign of a healthy relationship is one where both partners grow together and make each other happy.

There is no set of rules to what makes a relationship work. Moderation is the key usually.

Still, there are a few signs which tell you that you are doing better than the most. In this article we will present you those signs. Keep reading!

1. You let things take their own course

There is not one pace which works for every couple and it is different for everyone. But you understand that it is important to not rush with anything or put pressure on the relationship and you let it take its own course at its own pace.

2. Both of you are trusting of each other

Trust is one of the most important components of a happy and healthy relationship. No relationship can survive without trust. Without mutual trust, a relationship will not grow because both the partners are too busy keeping track of each other’s activities.

3. Both of you are honest with each other

The logical next step from the previous point, or vice versa, would be honesty. Both the partners should be completely open with each other. Both of them should have the chance and space to talk about how they feel without fearing that they’d upset or annoy their partner. Honesty and trust are key in relationships!

4. Both of you have a life of your own

It is not unusual to observe that once two people become committed to each other, they occupy a major chunk of each other’s time. A partner who is too jealous of your friends is definitely not healthy for a relationship. It is important to be able to enjoy your time alone or with your friends, without your partner being there.

5. The partners have mutual respect for each other

For a frictionless and happy relationship, it is of the utmost importance that the partners not just love each other, but also have respect for each other’s views, opinions and skills.

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6. Both the partners are equals

A relationship is like a partnership between two equals. If one is putting in more efforts than the other, or if one person feels that third opinion is not equal priority, the relationship is bound to fail. No partner deserves more than the other and no partner should do everything in the relationship for the other one. You compromise and you meet each other in the middle.

7. How much they care for each other

This one is a no brainer as well. Being kind to your partner and being concerned for their well being is expected in healthy relationship. If you cannot even care for them and their happiness, what is even the point of being with them? Showing care for your partner is showing love to your partner.

8. How mature they are, especially when it comes to taking accountability

In such a relationship there is no misplaced anger because both the people involved know that mistakes are alright as long as they are corrected. Blaming each other or shirking responsibility is not how you achieve a healthy equation in your love life.

9. The partners are loyal to each other

This goes beyond fidelity. True loyalty is when one partner stands up for another. However, it doesn’t mean blindly agreeing to whatever the other person is saying. It means being loyal to the interests of your partner. Pointing out their mistakes and giving them constructive criticism. Not bringing them down but helping them build themselves up.

10. Communication between partners is strong

Both the partners need to be able to tell everything to each other and knowing they’d be understood. When a healthy communication channel is set up between the partners, there is no space for hurt because everything is talked about in length. Being with someone who doesn’t just listen, but rather understands you, is a true blessing indeed.

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