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9 Signs Your Partner Is Likely to Cheat on You


9 Signs Your Partner Is Likely to Cheat on You

We can never know for sure if our partner is likely to cheat or not but there are a few pointers that can tell you if he is one of those that truly and only believes in monogamy or there are chances that he might be one of those who go around and cheat.

Starting from genetics, to the length of his ring finger, here are a few pointers that will let you know if your partner is likely to cheat on you or not:

1. They’ve done it already

It is astounding how many people choose to ignore this sign even though it is the most obvious. If someone has cheated in the past with you or in some other relationship, they might do it again. Don’t trust them on their word unless you see words reflected in their actions as well. Second chances are still ok, sixth or seventh one is not.

2. Introverts

Introverts are considered the safe choice because it is assumed they are too shy to hit on other people. Well that is true, but then there has been studies which show that they are the most likely to cheat. That is because when someone else hits on them, they will go along with it with the least resistance.

3. They look like they’d do it

It is actually possible to look at a person and predict whether they will cheat or not. When it comes to this particular point, you can go with your gut. This has been proven by studies where random people were asked to judge whether a stranger would turn out to be a cheater or not and were proven right on most accounts.

4. Length of the fingers

This might seem very absurd, but has been proven correct on numerous occasions. Those whose ring finger was longer than their pointer finger were more likely to cheat on their partners. The reason for this has been traced back to the quantity of exposure to testosterone while in the womb.

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5. Their gender

Now this is another reason which seems absurd (and rather rude) but men have been proven to be more likely to cheat than women. 57% of men have agreed to have cheated once or more in life, whereas the figures were only 47% when it came to women. Although there has been no clear cause for this difference but there can be a number of socio-historical reasons why the numbers seem so skewed in the balance.

6. Their genetics

Well, blaming it on the genes might be taking things a little too far. But it has been proven without a doubt that fathers who cheat are likely to influence their sons to do the same in their own turn. It can be because of the values they grew up with. This doesn’t have to be true for every generation but there is definitely a co-relation between cheaters and their family history.

7. Your partner is spending much of their time with someone else, no matter if they are less attractive than you

It is generally assumed that if a person is going to cheat on their partner it will be with someone who is much more attractive than the current partner. But it doesn’t have to be true. In reality, people are more likely to cheat with someone average looking rather than a diva.

8. They are very suspicious of you and are getting jealous a lot

There is a good chance that your partner is cheating or likely to cheat if they are accusing you of doing so. This is because they are feeling guilty and instead of mending their way, they are projecting their guilt onto you.

9. Look at their friends

We are known by the company we keep. Those whose friend circle is filled with known cheaters, might cheat themselves. This is because they are okay with cheating and don’t think that it is a big deal. Now, not everyone among this friend circle will turn out to be a cheater but the chances are really high.

All these signs are just meant to be taken as a warning. These doesn’t mean that you assume that your partner is disloyal. You just need to get alert to their actions.

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