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8 Signs You’re Trying Too Hard To Make A Relationship Work


8 Signs You’re Trying Too Hard To Make A Relationship Work

Ever felt like you have done enough? You have given your all to this relationship, and yet, it always keeps you awake at the end of the day, wondering about its future?

Then, my friend, if that is the case, you are trying too hard and it is time to let go. Why would you sacrifice your own mental happiness, and peace in your life, for something that ultimately proves to be useless, and a complete and sheer waste of time, money, and energy? Well, it is time you set your priorities right, for that would determine your life.

Still confused? Read on.

1.Too Much Effort

It feels like you are the only person in this relationship and you are outing every inch of your life into this, while the other person is in it just for the cute hashtag pictures on Instagram. That sucks, honestly. Here you are, bursting you bum off to imagine a happy life together, while there they are, laughing it all off. It hurts, it pricks and it burns. Don’t be in a relationship, just for the name of it all.

2. Making All The Plans

Relationships would crash out nine out of ten times, if only one partner is making all the plans, and the other is just going away with it. The feeling is one of resignation, and no one wants their lover to feel that way. What would the need of a relationship be, if both partners are unable to communicate freely with each other, and all they do is let one decide, as if the other is just giving up on this. Also, a relationship is bound to die when one partner is always willing to drop everything for their lover, but the other isn’t. Priorities aren’t set in stone, but at times, they need to be.

3. Justification For a Relationship

Relationships are more like courtroom trials if you have to continuously justify to yourselves and your partner as to why you are in it. What is the point if you have to think if this was a mistake or if you did the right thing coming into this relationship? The only thing that is needed in a relationship is acceptance for the relationship.

4. Sadness, Depression, Regret

You are depressed. You are sad, and the reason for this is the relationship. You have no idea why you are unable to view this relationship as anything but a giant big mistake that you have been a colossal part of. The nights keep you awake, for you keep on thinking about this relationship. You are trying way too hard to reason with yourself the need for this relationship, and somewhere down the line, that affects your other priorities too.

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5. Relationship or Law?

When your relationships turn out to be like facing a trial, you know you have been giving in too much effort with no reciprocation. Your complaints are straight out ignored, and if you ever have one which you want to address now, you are completely brushed off. No one deserves that, for you are entitled to your own opinion. Also, if you refuse to acknowledge the fact that your relationship is flatlining, you would never be able to save it.

6. Partner comes First

You are in hell, my friend. This relationship has led you to believe that you need to take a step back in your own life and let your partner come to the foray. You would do anything for them, and start spending less and less time together on yourself.

7. Wanting Your Partner To Miraculously Change

You know you are trying too hard when you want your partner to change overnight. But, what if your idea of a better human being isn’t similar to theirs? What if they are already the best version of themselves, and they can’t change further, while you are exerting yourself too much, and coming off too strongly? This won’t work, my friend.

8. Problems Don’t Come First

There is a special place in hell for people who do not talk about their problems. You need to, if you want any semblance of a relationship in your life. Get to it, or break it up. That’s the best card you have in your hand.

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