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The Most Dangerous Type of Narcissist You’ll Ever Meet

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The Most Dangerous Type of Narcissist You’ll Ever Meet

We all have had our run-ins with people who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The extrovert narcissist is very easy to spot. They are so full of themselves that you’d know soon enough what you are in for.

The introvert narcissists too can be spotted quite early on. However, there is another type of narcissism, the spiritual kind. They wear their spirituality and charity work as a shield with which they try to hide their ugly side.

But there are certain signs which can warn you about the kind of person you are dating. Use this knowledge to ward off any spiritual narcissists who might be lurking in your life.

1. They use spirituality as a cover for all their harmful behavior

Every time you call them out on some sort of abusive behavior, they’ll brush away those claims saying that you are ignorant about spirituality. The problem is that their description of spirituality keeps changing as per their convenience. Just because they might be more spiritual than you, they get a sense of entitlement and that makes them believe that anything and everything they do should be excused.

2. They have a superiority complex

Just because they are more spiritual than you, they don’t have a right to look down upon you. The mark of true spirituality is personal growth and understanding for all, not snobbery. Snobbery is what leads to fanaticism and we all know that that’s a dark road to be on.

3. They seem to have split personality disorder

They might be the most calm, kind and gentle soul around other people. But the moment the last house guest leaves, they turn into a temperamental and rude human. The reason behind this is simple. They have a certain image to hold in front of others so that they are idealized by them. But the moment you are too familiar with them, they start showing the real version of themselves, and that version is a version which you won’t like.

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4. They throw around spiritual concepts without understanding them fully

They like to show superiority by making people believe that they know everything there is to know about spirituality. They’d spout concepts without taking into consideration their complexities and multiple connotations. This is harmful because such practices usually lead to repressing your emotions because you are told that they are wrong, whereas you should be facing them and learning from them.

5. They are hypocrites

They’d judge you for doing certain things, but when it comes to themselves, they would do just the same. They’d tell you that you are wasting your life, yet they themselves are using numerous excuses to put off what needs to be done. They’d continuously hold you to different standards when compared to them and then taunt you for not catching up to them.

6. They’d always look for excuses outside whereas the problem lies within their own habits

No matter how much they expound being spiritual and everything, when it comes down to solving their own problems, they will always find an excuse. Even when it’s clear that they need to change their habits, they will blame the environment or people around them because of which they are not able to get better. They’d convince themselves, as well as you, that no solution is possible for some problems. But if you are not looking for a solution, you are part of the problem yourself.

Don’t let yourself get limited by their thought processes. Don’t let their snobbery and pretentiousness come in the way of your growth. If you see this kind of behavior from your better half, it is time to leave them for good. Being with such people will only make you question yourself and hinder your spiritual experience.

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