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She Posted A Picture Of Herself Breastfeeding In Costco – She Finally Responds To All The Backlash

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She Posted A Picture Of Herself Breastfeeding In Costco – She Finally Responds To All The Backlash

A lot of people have talked about whether or not women should be able to breastfeed their kids in public before. It’s been around for a long time. It looks like there is another candidate who wants to make her case.

To get her point across, this young mother did something that made a lot of people angry. Read on to find out more about her.

People who nurse their babies know that when they are hungry, the babies don’t care where they are or what time it is.

Some moms feel uncomfortable feeding in public, but this young mom wasn’t. And she really did want to make a strong case for nursing in public.

She makes it a point to breastfeed her 17-month-old daughter no matter where she is that she is. Most of the time, this means she is breastfeeding her child in public.

She isn’t afraid to do it, but that doesn’t mean that people around her are okay with it. They often give her strange looks. People who work in shops have also taken her into broom closets because they think she will be more “comfortable” breastfeeding there.

Of course, this wasn’t true, because broom closets aren’t the best places to feed your baby.

Trinati chose to do something about it because of this. While she fed her baby sister at Costco, she made her son take a shot.

In a talk about the act, she said, “I never shy away from providing my children with what they may need from me based on our surroundings.”

But besides being judged by strangers, her friends and family also ask her questions. “How long are you going to do ‘that’ for?” and every time she answers with “As long as she needs me to!” And usually they follow up with uncomfortable jokes how she might be breastfeeding her daughter till she is in kindergarten!

Trinati is sick of people making fun of her parenting and criticizing her for it. In a talk, she said, “Really? Have you SEEN breastfeeding breasts? My nipples are very far from looking like something someone may fantasize about! Ha!”

She went on, “These are basically udders right now. Get over yourself! I’m not trying to steal your man or lady with these bad girls! To me, they have become so far from feeling like a sexual part of my body. Right now they belong to my child for nourishment, both physically and emotionally.”

She wants more people to know that breastfeeding is only for feeding a baby and is not sexual in any way.

“I don’t expect all men or those who have never breastfed to understand the ways in which mothers have the endurance to deal with nipple-pinching or straight-up acrobatics while breastfeeding,” she explained. “I have received the strangest glances and awkward giggles when people watch my 1.5-year-old standing on my lap while suckling … sometimes on one leg!”

She had a picture taken of herself breastfeeding her baby so she could post it and make a point.

“I had my son take that photo of us in Costco because I never want to forget (and [I want to] show my daughter in the future) the lengths we, as mothers, will go to when ensuring our kids are well looked after no matter the situation,” she said.

“My baby’s needs come waaaaaay before anyone else’s attempts to make me feel inappropriate for this sometimes-public act of nourishing and/or comforting my children,” she wrote in the caption for the Instagram post.

The things she wants her kids to know are that she will always put them ahead of other people’s opinions and safety.

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“Trust is a fundamental tool for developing healthy relationships and it begins with the care that we receive in childhood,” she said. “For me, breastfeeding demonstrates this to my children, and for this reason, I will never feel shame for allowing a baby of mine to do this with me in any environment.”

Both sides of the argument have a lot to offer. What do you think about babies being fed in public?

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