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Rumer Willis Posted Breastfeeding Photo On Social Media But People Went Berserk—Now She Has The Perfect Response

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Rumer Willis Posted Breastfeeding Photo On Social Media But People Went Berserk—Now She Has The Perfect Response

Even though Rumer Willis just became a mom this year, a new picture she shared shows that being a mom isn’t easy for her.

Rumer Willis Posted A Harmless Breastfeeding Photo On Social Media But People Went Berserk-Now She Has The Perfect Response

The mother of one, who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, gave a powerful Instagram post for her 35th birthday.

As a part of her birthday party, she is seen in the picture breastfeeding her daughter Louetta. She used this time to think about her first year as a mom and talk about how beautiful being a mom is.

Under the picture, Rumer wrote that being a mom has made her feel more beautiful than ever.

She often posts pictures from her life on social media, but this one photo caused a debate when a friend asked her why she shared it.

Rumer replied with an uplifting message that praises the strength and beauty of being a mother.

Rumer wrote a heartfelt letter that spoke to moms and people who aren’t mothers. She said she was in her “Hot Mom” phase at the time.

Rumer wrote on Instagram that she was grateful for her body’s amazing ability to make a person, even though it might look and feel different now.

The actress said that her body is still getting used to its new shape after giving birth, but she was thankful for everything it had given her. She even said, “My breasts might be bigger and perhaps ever so drifting downward, but what a gift and privilege that they can feed and provide nourishment for my Lou. They also make a fantastic pillow while we co-sleep.”

Rumer shared a picture of herself on her 35th birthday and wrote, “Ridiculously sunburned and feeding my Lou.” She said that she found out she was pregnant on her birthday the year before.

Rumer talked about how becoming a mother has strangely made her feel good about her body and given her confidence.

As she approaches her 35th year as a woman and a mother, she said that her main goal is to find the strength and confidence to let go of things that don’t help her or her daughter anymore.

In answer to a simple question from a follower: “Why?” There was only one short and clear answer from Rumer: “Because I want to.”

In the comments part of Rumer’s post, the picture caused a debate.

Some people said that her bare body should stay private.

“We have all done this.” One person wrote, “But not on social media. I care more about my child’s bonding than my own good looks. It’s an important thing to do. Listen up.”

Another person said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Obviously you put it out there so you know you were going to get opinions. I love your father but I don’t like this. That’s my opinion.”

But some users liked how Rumer showed something so normal and natural. “Thank you for such a beautiful post… I’m glad all the negative naysayers aren’t getting in your way…imagine if people only responded with positivity and niceness. Our world would be such a beautiful place and everyone could be proud of being human,” someone wrote.

Rumer replied that she thought it was important to share breastfeeding pictures, saying, “There is an incredible amount of shame that comes with being born into a female body, and I want to lead by example. Teaching my daughter that she doesn’t have to be ashamed of her body ever, and she decides how she wants to share it.”

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