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She Is The ‘Product Of 13 Divorces,’ But Sit Down Before You See Who She Became Today

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She Is The ‘Product Of 13 Divorces,’ But Sit Down Before You See Who She Became Today

In the 1960s, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were one of the most famous partners. But the anger and hate that grew between them in their last years together are often remembered as the worst parts of their marriage.

Hollywood is a place full of glitz and style. Many people in the movie business enjoy the flashy culture that comes with relationships between stars.

But Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were the real 1960s Jack and Rose. They put their jobs at risk and defied all odds to be together, but the end wasn’t pretty, and they soon got a divorce.


Tony Curtis was famous for both his ability and how flashy he was. Tony was one of the famous people who showed what it meant to be a great actor in a stylish and charming way.

Like many A-list celebrities, Tony has been with a lot of women and been married more than once, but none of them worked out. One of the most interesting things about his life, though, was his relationship with Leigh.

The beautiful couple was the center of attention while they were together, and their relationship even affected their work lives, as they were in five movies together.

Leigh was already well-known when she met Tony, the man she would marry, at a press party in the 1950s. It had been a few years since her big break in the late 1940s. She was pretty and known for how pitchy she was in movies.

When they met, the actor was more well-known than Tony. Tony hadn’t had his big break yet, but she had been in hit movies like “The Romance of Rosy Ridge” and “Little Women.”

Things moved quickly between them, and they fell in love. Many people thought the couple’s marriage would last forever after they got married, but things went bad as quickly as they started.

The couple realized their love had lost its spark after having their first child, Kelly. In the end, they had their daughter Jamie to try to save what was left of their marriage. Jamie later said that she was a “save-the-marriage baby.” Even though she was born, her parents still got a divorce.

When asked about her relationship with her troubled parents, Jamie said, “By the time I came along… my parents’ bond had deteriorated precipitously as their stardom grew. And like any other save-the-marriage baby, I failed.” Back in 1962, Tony asked for a divorce. Leaving his family split up.

The story of Tony and Leigh

Leigh had always been loved by both fans and co-stars. She was already friends with powerful people in Hollywood when she met Tony. One of the people who helped her rise was Hollywood mogul Howard Huges. Hughes was emotionally interested in Leigh, but she didn’t seem to feel the same way.

Tony already had her heart. Both stars were deeply in love with each other and had a very heated sexual relationship. They were ready to go through anything to be with each other, even if it meant disliking the people who helped them with their work.

Universal’s huge offer of $10,000 to marry co-star Piper Laurie put Tony’s love for the actress to the test, just like it did for Leigh. People thought that the union would help his job a lot. He had a lot of money, but it couldn’t take him away from his crush.

Tony became well-known on most of Leigh’s movie sets, and their connection quickly became public. Because Tony was having an affair with a rival actress, Universal became more worried. They hoped he would join their side by marrying Laurie.

When Tony asked Leigh to marry him in 1951, it shocked his bosses. She said yes right away, and they got married at a small but fancy ceremony. Friends of Leigh told her not to marry the star before they got married, but their love seemed stronger than their worry.

Tony and her seemed to have a great life together, but privacy problems cut their happiness short. The couple seemed perfect at first glance, but they had trouble staying together.

Tony felt less and less safe about his wife’s success, and he was also envious of her relationships with other men. The actor thought that she sometimes took advantage of her fame to hurt him. He said, “I could see signs in myself that I was becoming subservient.”

Tony quickly fell into a dark place and started abusing drugs and other substances. He was also said to have slept with stars Natalie Wood and Gloria DeHaven.

The couple started to become farther apart. About their marriage, Tony remembered, “We settled into a functional but unromantic marriage, the kind of life that was less unusual in Hollywood than you might think.”

Tony finally dumped Janet for actress Christine Kaufmann, who was only 17, but the two broke up in 1968. He married four more people before he died in 2010 of congestive heart failure.

Raised by famous parents

Jamie didn’t benefit much from growing up with famous parents. People often called the actress a “product of 13 divorces.” The 64-year-old woman admitted that the breakup of her parents had hurt her and made it hard for her to believe in true love.

Jamie and her sister grew up in a home where people were angry, competitive, and jealous of each other. The actress from “Halloween” also saw what it takes to be great in Hollywood and learned from her parents’ lives.

Jamie and Kelly had to deal with the demands and comparisons that came from the public as kids because their parents were Tony and Leigh. Jamie once posted a picture of her family along with some thoughts on what it was like to grow up with famous parents.

She wrote, “I was born to famous parents. My birth and subsequent growing up was documented for public consumption. My parent’s fame and beauty preceded me. The comparing. The measuring up. Everywhere I went. Everything I did.”

As a child, Jamie had two father figures: Tony Curtis, her mysterious real father, and Robert Brandt, Leigh’s fourth husband and a stockbroker. She said that Tony taught her how to be creative and Brandt loved her.

The actress still has fond memories of her parents, especially of how they helped her with her work. Jamie once shared a post that called Leigh, who died in 2004, a beautiful and skilled actor. Tony and she didn’t always get along, but she knew he was a very talented person.

Kelly, Jamie’s older sister, has great things to say about their late mother. She once said that their famous mom taught her to be happy and thankful.


Tony had six kids from the different marriages he was in. On the other hand, the actor’s kids hated him after he died because he stole their fortune. There were problems between the ex-Hollywood star and his children from his first marriage.

On the other hand, Jamie did what he did and became a great actor. The 64-year-old has enjoyed the spotlight, just like her parents did. She has been in a number of high-profile movies and won a number of important awards.

Besides being a singer, Kelly has also been in movies like “Magic Sticks” and “The Devil’s Daughter.” This was her first movie role, in the action-adventure “The Vikings,” which she shared with her parents.

Years after Tony and Leigh died, their children carried on their work and are also good at it. Tony may not have been a great dad, but he was once the best actor in Hollywood.

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