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The Pocket In Women’s Underwear Has A Secret Meaning, And I Had No Idea

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The Pocket In Women’s Underwear Has A Secret Meaning, And I Had No Idea

Most pants have a pocket or an extra piece of fabric that’s put between the leg openings. But what’s the point of pants’ pockets?

In pants, the small pocket is sewn around three lines, with one end having an open seam. Most pants do have them, though not all of them do. They’re small, but they do a lot of good.

Want a full answer to “What is the pocket in panties for?” Read on to find out more, like why some pants have them and others don’t.

What is the Pocket in Panties Called?

A gusset is the small pocket in pants that is meant to strengthen the area while also letting more air flow and keeping wetness out. A lot of different kinds of pants have gussets made into the crotch area. These leave one side open, making a pocket. It is common to leave one end open during production, but the gusset would still work and serve the same purpose if all of its sides were sewn in.

Any other kind of pocket wouldn’t work like the gusset pocket in pants. No matter what you may have heard, this means it’s not meant to be used for keeping. Don’t carry around extra cash; keep it in your wallet or bag.

Fun fact: The word “gusset” can be used for any triangle- or diamond-shaped piece of fabric sewn into clothes. However, it is thought to have been first used in the 1300s to describe the area under the armpits of a suit of armor. It does the same thing, which is to strengthen the place for extra safety.

Why do pants have pockets?

The crotch on women’s pants is meant to add extra comfort and warmth. What’s the point of pants’ little pocket? Let us look at some of the reasons why pants for women have a crotch.

Hygiene for yourself

People who wear pants can keep themselves cleaner because the pocket is usually made of 100% cotton, which makes the pants more breathable and better at wicking away sweat. This keeps sweat and wetness from building up, which can cause problems with feminine hygiene and an unpleasant smell.


When women wear pants, the pocket makes them even more comfortable because it wicks away sweat, keeping the crotch area dry all day. The gusset usually adds extra comfort by acting as a cushion, especially when worn over lace or synthetic fabrics that can rub and be uncomfortable.


Women’s underwear has a flap that strengthens the crotch area to make it last longer. Whether you’re wearing thongs or cheeky pants, the crotch is one of the smallest parts of the pants. This makes it more likely to get damaged by normal wear and tear. Pants with pockets last longer because they are less likely to tear or rip.

Are There Different Types of Pockets in Panties?

Men’s pants with gussets come in a number of different styles. However, some pants don’t have all of their seams closed. Instead, some have one or more seams left open.

The gusset’s shape won’t change how it works in any way, but some say that an open gusset may make it easier for air to flow and let the fabric breathe. But because of pressure, an open gusset is more likely to wear out and tear, which makes the seams more likely to tear.

Do All Types of Underwear Have Gussets?

Glands aren’t always on all kinds of underwear. There are some pants that don’t need gussets because their main purpose is to protect by stopping friction and the buildup of wetness.

Most pants made from synthetic materials, like spandex, have a seam that lets air flow through them.

Why Don’t All Panties Have Gussets?

Many types of pants have gussets because they are made of synthetic materials that need an extra layer of comfort and the ability to dry quickly. A gusset isn’t needed for pants made of cotton or other natural, airy materials, though, since those materials breathe on their own.

Some seamless pants may not have a crotch either because they are truly seamless. On the other hand, some types of underwear don’t have gussets because it looks better that way.

Other Things to Think About When Picking Panties

You might want a gusset in your cotton underwear even if they are flexible. This will give you extra padding. There are, however, many things you should think about when picking out the right pants for you.

Now that you have the answer to your question, “What is the pocket in women’s panties for?”, here are some other things to think about when you’re shopping for underwear:

Types of Fabric: The gusset of your underwear can be made of different materials that can affect your comfort and health. Synthetic mixes tend to keep heat in and let less air through than natural materials like cotton. This can cause you to sweat, which is bad for your health and hygiene.

Style: It’s up to you whether you want to wear thongs, bikini underwear, or boyshorts. It’s good to have more than one style, though, so you can pick the right pair for the day based on what you’re wearing and how comfortable you want to be. Like, if you’re wearing leggings or small pants, you might pick no-seam panties or a thong.

Type of Color: Having a range of colors in your underwear is good. Say you wear white bottoms, you might not want to wear black pants with them because they will show. No matter what color clothes you’re wearing, you can match your outfit with just a few other colors. Not only that, but adding a splash of color can make getting ready for the day more fun.

Matchability: Some people feel more confident or put together when their bras and underwear match. Are you that person? If so, you might want to check to see if there are bras that go with your underwear. Whether you like push-up or t-shirt bras, you should be able to find clothes that go with both with some planning.

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When someone asks, “What is the pocket in pants for?” the answer is pretty simple. The idea behind it is to keep you dry and comfy, make your underwear last longer, and help you keep clean. Even if your underwear is made of natural, airy materials, a flap can help protect your most sensitive area even more.

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