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Secret Tunnel in Old House Discovered Because of Photograph – Better Sit Tight Before Seeing What He Found Inside

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Secret Tunnel in Old House Discovered Because of Photograph – Better Sit Tight Before Seeing What He Found Inside

Of course, there would be differences if you were to compare pictures of your childhood house with its current appearance.

Consider how much time would have changed your house if you had a photo of it from the 1870s.

The UK-based 23-year-old Freddy Goodall was intrigued by these changes.

A Victorian snapshot of the house he grew up in shows it somewhat differently than it does now. He was right when he surmised that it might indicate the existence of a fake wall or hidden corridor.

When he looked into a library room more, he discovered that hidden behind the bookshelves was a passageway that led to many other discoveries.

Goodall was raised in the 500-year-old Brighton home and was unaware until lately that something was strange about it.

In 2020, he posted his first discovery on TikTok, where it has already received over 4.5 million views and over 500K likes.

The New York Post then picked up the story and claimed that he had discovered not one, but hundreds of hidden chambers and tunnels as a result of his explorations into the hidden route.

Goodall has discovered a brick-lined hallway with numerous people’s names inscribed in chalk, as well as a safe with a historic message inside. So what was the purpose of each of these passages?

It’s been suggested that they were designed to let servants move about this magnificent, old house more swiftly.

There is also conjecture that the tunnels were formerly connected to neighboring structures, such as a church.

In keeping with the property’s past, Goodall also discovered books and tables, as the building served as a school for a while around 1900.

According to Goodall’s conjecture, the names written in chalk were probably those of students who had sneaked out of class to scribble some graffiti on these abandoned hallways.+


Reactions to Goodall’s footage have been mixed, ranging from curiosity to outright terror due to the tunnels’ eerie atmosphere.

Watch the video below to see Goodall locate the tunnels.

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