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Ryan Gosling Performs ‘I’m Just Ken’ At Oscars And He NAILED It

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Ryan Gosling Performs ‘I’m Just Ken’ At Oscars And He NAILED It

At the Oscars, Ryan Gosling performed his big musical number. He went on stage in front of all of his peers and belted out the hit song “Barbie,” and he did it with a lot of fire.

After finishing Sunday’s program, the actor sang “I’m Just Ken,” and it was every bit as amazing as everyone had predicted. The Ry Guy gave the performance his all, killing it with some incredible vocals and even better backup musicians, including Slash!

Yes, the top hat-rockin’ rocker came onstage with Ryan to play some live guitar, and he nailed it while RG sang the crowd favorite from the biggest hit movie of the previous year.

Ryan even made his way to the front row, where he was joined in singing the song by Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie. Indeed, he was dressed to the nines in all pink for the song.

Though he kind of played coy throughout this year’s award season, Ryan eventually signed on and costar Margot recently reassured everyone he was eager to perform “IJK” at the Oscars. For a short while, it was uncertain whether Ryan would actually do it.

It was one of the few “Barbie” moments of the evening so far. Other than Billie Eilish’s win for Best Song with “What Was I Made For,” not much has been going on for the doll gang.

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We’ll see if “Barbie” receives a nomination for Best Picture or if it only receives one Oscar.

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