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Three robbers approach a 77-year-old granny at the ATM; biggest mistake of their lives

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Three robbers approach a 77-year-old granny at the ATM; biggest mistake of their lives

Since I was young, I had an instant bond with my grandparents, and I am sure this is the case with most.

Compared to our parents, who are trying to raise us on the right path, instead of the easy one, grandparents find a quick way to spoil us… and we love them for it.

They say grandparents love is the only love stronger than the parents. Having a newborn I don’t think that’s true, but we’ll see in thirty years!

In one case a poor grandma Winifred Peel, 77, of Wirral, UK, was attacked by robbers who were trying to make quick buck.

Mrs. Winifred Pell of Bromborough, Wirral, went to an ATM to withdraw some cash… hopefully to buy some things for their grandkids.

At the ATM she was typing her PIN, and she noticed some figure approaching from behind.

Two men stopped her before she could try to react and defend herself and the third took the funds out of the ATM.

The robbers took 200 pounds in front of her, but if brave granny didn’t act fast they would take everything she got.

Winifred Peel devised a strategy to stop the attack when the guy was trying to withdraw the money.

Right before the robbers tried to flee from the scene she was able to clench one of the perpetrators by the collar and strike him three times with the ATM head.

When they found potential suspect that day, one of the young males was hurt in the head, the exact reason why they knew it was one of the robbers.

If Winifred didn’t strike the robber with the ATM head, they may still be on the street hurting people.

Three of the robbers were Felix Stoica, Florin Geblescu, and Piper Dumitru, all of whom were 18 and 19 years old. They were all sentenced to prison.

The case prosecutor, William Beardmore, said that the perpetrators were looking for an easy prey as they circled around in the town by car.

Winifred told Britain’s Metro, “They didn’t care how that affected me.” “I will never have the confidence I previously had,” poor grandma said, “I can state with sure that this experience transformed my life.”

Mrs. Winifred determination to stop the robbers came from her family.

She was raised with three brothers and anticipated in sports throughout her life.

We hope that the lesson by Grandma Winifred will teach those robbers a lesson in prison.

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