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Pay Attention! Video Shows Gas Pump Charging For Fuel Not Being Pumped

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Pay Attention! Video Shows Gas Pump Charging For Fuel Not Being Pumped

Gas pump malfunction is nothing new, but at these soaring prices, we have to be extra careful!

A guy went to the Chevron station at Harrison and 6th street in San Francisco to put gas in his tank, but when he finished with the fill up, he noticed the meter was still running and he took a video of it.

He said: “I put the gas pump in and went into the store so I would come back and have the car filled-up and ready to go. I came back, the nozzle stopped. But I noticed that the meter kept going. So, I took the nozzle out and it kept going. So I took a video of it”.

Alan Lo, the guy that was tricked by the gas pump, sent ABC7 his cell phone video through Facebook, so they could investigate the case further.

The video clearly shows there’s no fuel coming out of the nozzle, but the meter still charges like there’s gas leaking out of it.

“When I put it back it finally stopped, so I had to go in and talk with them and see if they could give me a refund. So, they gave me a $5 estimate,” said Alan. “They weren’t really sure, and I wasn’t really sure how much it went over”.

Alan asked for a refund, and very generous of him for not making this a huge mess, and Chevron did everything they could to satisfy him as a customer.

The pump was out of service, and Alan filed a complaint with the San Francisco Department of Weights and Measures.

“They contacted me and said they would get back to me once they investigated and looked more into it,” he said.

ABC7 spoke with Weights and Measures, and they sent an inspector the same day.

They also reached out to Chevron which owns this station. In part they said:

“Issues with dispenser accuracy are rare and we greatly appreciate hearing about any concerns so that we can address them right away… a customer alerted us to this issue… We provided a refund to the customer and took the dispenser out of service. A technician came to the station that same day… the hardware was fixed and tested. The other dispensers were also inspected and no other issues were found.”

We have to be really careful because with the prices now, it’s like there’s gold leaking out of those pumps!

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