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Police Officer Shaving Homeless Man For A New Job Interview Will Warm Your Heart


Police Officer Shaving Homeless Man For A New Job Interview Will Warm Your Heart

All it takes is one step forward – a heart-warming story of Philips!

Kindness is contagious. It has a ripple effect and it can affect numerous lives – lives of those you never thought could change with your one positive attitude. You can never fully understand the power of benevolence, humility and compassion. It goes a long way, longer than you think, longer than you can imagine! The life-altering story of Phillip will help you understand the impact of one act of kindness.

So, this clip is an update the above-mentioned story. One of the officers from the City if Tallahassee Police Department, Office Carison, shaved a homeless man, Phillip so that he could have a job. From there on, the ripple effect was triggered! He is known for working at one of the McDonalds in the area. The Vazquez family owns all the McDonalds in that area and they hire homeless people for mutual betterment of the society. Officer Carison, the Vazquez family and other supporters came together in the series of this kind gesture.

We often help someone and underestimate the chain effect it can produce. Just look at Phil. Would have Officer Carison ever thought that helping Phil shave would inspire so many people? It is this inspiration that touches many lives. We help someone out of compassion and this in turn implants seeds of love within the receiver and the chain goes on.

Phil is a humble, thankful being himself and it means a lot when someone return your love with greater love! People have shown great support for Phil and others like him. Since Phil was once a homeless, he realizes what it is like. He doesn’t want anyone to feel that way.

They are more than mere words when he says: all it takes is a one step forward! You may follow the entire story after watching this update.

Thanks to City of Tallahassee Police Department for this video!

Team Phil Update!

#TeamPhil #Update We had a chance to talk to Phil & Officer Carlson at McDonald's. We also talked with Raphael Vazquez (his family owns all the McDonald’s in the area & employs several homeless people). Watch how one small act of kindness keeps building to inspire the country! Phil continues to do great. As he says, “All it takes is one step forward.” #kindness #keepsteppingforward #FeelGoodFriday

Posted by City of Tallahassee Police Department on Friday, September 7, 2018

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