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Jimmy Fallon And The Backstreet Boys Performing “I Want It That Way” Will Make Your Day


Jimmy Fallon And The Backstreet Boys Performing “I Want It That Way” Will Make Your Day

The Backstreet Boys is an iconic band from the 90’s. You would hardly find someone who wouldn’t have heard of them. They ruled the pop-music world back then and their influence still prevails. The band might have split today, its charm never fails to amaze their fans. It will probably be a walk down the memory lane watching this video!

Jimmy Fallon is a famous name in the American television industry. And you would have recognized the face in the middle foreground as his if you have seen him before. If not, you do now! All you have to know about him is that he is a comedian and also happens to host two of the most epic reality shows where celebrities are invited for a little chit-chat. In the video, you will witness two of the above-mentioned personalities come together for a cover of the song “I Want It That Way” – you guessed it right, it’s a Backstreet number!

Now, trying not to spoil the song for you, it would be sufficient to say that you will thoroughly enjoy it! Have you ever known about the classroom instruments? You will be encountering a number of them in this video – so cool, no? Jimmy Fallon, Backstreet Boys, The Roots and the classroom instruments! Could it be any more fun! Oh yes, Fallon wouldn’t have left any chance and thus the white outfits. You will understand the analogy when you watch the original video of the song.

Anyways, it would be something watching the influential band on the screens, singing of their songs only. You should not miss out on such an opportunity! People have loved Fallon’s idea and approach in the video. You might as well be dancing to its beat as they play and sing! Truly an impressive performance!

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and The Backstreet Boys for this amazing performance! Make sure to follow them both on Facebook!

Jimmy Fallon, Backstreet Boys & The Roots Sing "I Want It That Way" (Classroom Instruments)

It wouldn't be right to sing "I Want It That Way" without the coordinated all-white outfits. Thanks to Backstreet Boys for an awesome Classroom Instruments.

Posted by Jimmy Fallon on Friday, June 29, 2018

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