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Police Are Called On Boy Selling ‘Ice Cold Beer’ But His Clever Sign Has Them In Tears

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Police Are Called On Boy Selling ‘Ice Cold Beer’ But His Clever Sign Has Them In Tears

Some people are born with the “sense” for business. Along with determination, persistence and calculated risk, we get new millionaires every single day.

A boy from Utah named Seth, who is just 11 years old, incorporated stunning strategy to drag customers to his stand.

Instead of putting a lemonade stand sign, he decided to write down ‘Ice Cold Beer’ on a sign. Who wouldn’t want one?!

While some found this move bold and innovative some of the neighbors were concerned that a boy was selling beer so they called 911.

In no time few officers showed on Seth’s stand, and instead of telling him off, they enjoyed a good laugh and a couple of photos.

It turned out, this young business savvy was selling root beer, but the word “root” was written in small green letters, unlike those of the word “BEER”.

Police officers of the Brigham City Police Department found Seth to be a great marketing strategist. He is only 11 and already taking on business like a true entrepreneur. I bet we’ll read about this young man in the papers in 15 years!

Once the story about Seth went viral, people went straight to comment on the boy’s actions.

One person wrote “He’s savy, neat and clean! Hard working and thinking about what appeals to the public…he can go anywhere with that mindset! And with that community of great police officers supporting him, he’s already got mentoring!!! Love this!”

Whoever called the cops on this young genius should be ashamed, some people wrote down in the comments, but the police didn’t agree. “Our citizens should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to call us. They were just calling in what they felt was a suspicious circumstance. No harm, no foul” the police replied.

The officers spend couple of bucks on a couple of root beers, and were glad to promote his business on their social network!

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