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Parents Hid Their Baby To Protect Her From Nasty Comments – But Wait Till You See How She Looks Like Today

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Parents Hid Their Baby To Protect Her From Nasty Comments – But Wait Till You See How She Looks Like Today

Anything is okay with parents because they want to keep their kids safe. The parents in this case were the same. Find out more about what these parents did for their daughter by reading on.

Paris Brookshaw was born to Celine Casey in April 2021. She was born in the UK and has had a lot of interesting experiences since then. Casey was scared that something had gone wrong during her pregnancy because her daughter was born with a freckle on her forehead, between her eyebrows.

The baby girl’s scar didn’t affect her health in any way, but her mother knew that the little girl might have trouble with her mental health in the future.

20,000 babies are born each year with congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN). Brookshaw is one of them. Because of her situation, she was born with a group of harmless pigment cells between her eyebrows. These cells would have grown as she aged as well.

Rarely, the marking would get bigger as the girl grew, and no one could tell how much they would grow. She knew her mom didn’t want her daughter to have to deal with that as she got older.

Casey went straight to the doctors and asked what could be done about the birthmark on her baby. She said she was afraid that her daughter would hate her parents in the future if she didn’t get the scar taken off.

“We love seeing her grow on her journey, and we can’t wait for the day that she does grow up and can speak for herself so we can hear her opinion, we’d love her no matter what, even if we did keep the birthmark.” the worried mother said.

Casey and her partner had already seen that people were looking at their baby daughter, which made her really want to do well. She also saw that her baby was being treated differently than other kids, which made her want to get the birthmark taken off even more.

The NHS said no to the surgery, so the mother had to look for other ways to get help. So, she started a crowdfunding effort to get the money she needed to pay for the surgery herself.

As is their habit, the NHS turned down the surgery because it wasn’t necessary for the person’s health. They thought the surgery was purely cosmetic and not necessary.

They raised $52,000 in just 24 hours for the surgery. This number was not enough, though, because hospital costs went through the roof after COVID-19, and the young parents needed $27,000 for the surgery.

They used GoFundMe again to get extra money for their daughter’s surgery to get rid of a scar.

“Everybody has things they’re insecure about on their body, and the doctor said he’d respect that, but with Vienna, it wasn’t going to affect her mental health right now. But we didn’t see it as that, she’s going to start school when she’s three, and younger kids are so smart, they point out stuff like that,” the worried mother reasoned.

The girl is now two years old, and her birthmark has been completely gone. There is only a small scar on her forehead to show that she once had one. Casey, her mother, will often tell her how “gorgeous” her daughter is and let her know how her daughter is improving.

The couple still went to London after the birthmark was taken off to see how well the scar had healed and to find out if Brookshaw would need any more surgeries or treatments after the three she had already had. But for now, she’s a healthy two-year-old and doesn’t need any more help!

We hope everything is going well for little Brookshaw. We hope that the little girl stays healthy forever! Spread this around so other people can learn about her story too!

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