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Orca saved by a couple of strangers after being stuck and crying for hours

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Orca saved by a couple of strangers after being stuck and crying for hours

Most people develop a lot of affection for the sea mammals known as orca whales, and why would they not? They are one of the most appealing creatures to have thrived through decades!

Orcas are known to be the largest member of the dolphin family. Having highly sensitive reception, they are able to connect with their surrounding and other creatures on an intimate scale. This makes them tremendously clever and malleable. They can adjust to cater to the needs of a different surrounding and are even able to interact with their kind through various signals when it comes down to hunting.

They might not be that welcoming when it comes to humans. In fact, it is in our best interest if we let them be.

However, man is not made to stand and watch other creatures suffer. This is why in an accident at the coast of British Columbia, a group of people decided to step up to save an orca in desperate need of help.

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Her cries could be heard from far and wide and turning a blind eye towards it was just not an option. You can witness the entire scenario in the video below in which men put all their effort to get to the orca and help her. The orca had gotten stuck in the middle of a huge surface of gigantic rocks. 

The rescuers are a group of people who volunteered at the coast. They discovered the orca in need of assistance via someone’s Facebook post after which they decided to take action quickly. They all gathered there with the right equipment and at the right time. Lucky for them, they were able to save the legendary creature and in a cruelty free manner. It was freed without any signs of injury in the process. 

The daily tasks of an orca consist of them hunting for food. They usually prey on small sea creatures such as seals, sea lions, fish and squid. They do whatever it takes to get to their meal. Many are truly deserving of the killer whale nickname they got because they only care about the end result, not the means.

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They are usually out of reach from humans who don’t have the right expertise. But with the right set of skills, humans are easily able to influence orcas and some might even help them out with protection against sharks.

If the animal rescuers were not there in time, the orca would have faced the fate like many others, of being exposed to the surface in the process of finding a meal. This is not a unique case. There have been many stories of whales washing up on the surface due to lack of food in the sea, all thanks to the pollution spread by the population that takes over the areas near the coast and shows no responsibility for it. 

The facebook post was by a man who was out chilling on the coast when he heard whale cries from afar. He rushed to the source of the sound and came across the unpleasant sight. He then sent a signal to the animal rescue group Guardians from Hartley bay, British Columbia. Along with them, quite a few people tagged along for any help that may have been required as an addition to keep the mammal alive. 

The whole thing went on quite smoothly. The whale was kept sheltered with the use of tarps and sheets. Then, to keep her alive, they used gallons of water. Whales cannot survive for very long, which is why it had to be kept cool and wet. 

To have things going without any disruption, the volunteers made sure to keep a water pump with them. This also saves the extra effort of carrying multiple buckets back and forth. The whale had an idea that she is trying to be saved so she gave in and did not fight back with the volunteers when they made contact. It was a heart bending experience for the onlookers and after being stranded for 8 hours on the rocks. When the tide was high, it was set free.

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