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5 Unique Signs You’re An Old Soul And Wise Beyond Your Years


5 Unique Signs You’re An Old Soul And Wise Beyond Your Years

If even your mom calls you an old soul, you must be one! Other signs might include not being able to fit in with your age group, believing you are wiser and thus more mature than them and wanting to be born in an earlier century.

Recent trends don’t excite you and you always wish you could go back in time. If you identify as an old soul, you must be familiar with these things mentioned below:

1. You love nature and you feel a strong, unique connection with it

Sure, everyone says they would love to drive away from the city life and live in the middle of the forest or on a hill, but you are the one who would actually do that.

You don’t find comfort in city life. You get your soul food among nature and the soothing feeling it brings. You feel reborn among the sound of the rolling waves of the sea, the singing of the birds is something you pay extra attention to and you can never get used to the smell of the earth when it rains. The hustle bustle of the city life tires you out and you don’t feel fulfilled on long drives that end up once again in concrete jungles. You like simplicity, purity and rawness.

2. You like looking at the bigger picture in everything

You are not spontaneous but rather you like to ponder over small doings. For example, if you want to learn guitar, you will think if it is worth your time, learning how to play it and if it will help you in the future.

You don’t get into flings and do well with flirting either; you look for a long term commitment so you can build trust and confidence in the other and eventually have the perfect love you have in your mind. You realize the impermanence of this life and are not satisfied with material objects. They have no value to you. Instead, you value relations and focus on spending quality time with your loved ones to gather memories for a lifetime.

3. You like solitude

Being in a crowded space, like concerts or big groups of people, overwhelms you. You find too much socializing exhausting and mentally draining. You often walk out of parties early or move to a quieter spot to restore you energy and find peace.

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4. You feel different and often can’t relate to others

You also feel like you have a better understanding than your classmates or colleagues of mature concepts and you cannot relate to their ways of living and the current trends. Social interaction might therefore be tiresome and even frustrating when people of your own age group fail to understand your ideology or vision. There is no need to worry though, as there might always be people like you looking for someone to share their thoughts with. You must just stumble upon them.

5. You crave for knowledge in all fields

There is no subject that is off limits or boring for you and you are always open to be fed any piece of relevant information. This is an attractive quality to have and, because of this, you may often find people coming to you for advice and knowledge regarding their particular field.

You are always curious when people are talking about some sort of a philosophy, as you tend to think deeply about different ideologies and ways of living and why people think the way they think. You have the charm of a young curious kid who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Being an old soul is a rare personality to have. People like you have a hard time trying to fit in but, in the end, you will be much wiser and informed about the realities of life than the people of your own age group. You know what truly matters in life and what is temporary. This makes you capable of being an amazing friend and partner, as you hardly let people you love down. This ensures that you will lead a happy successful life because you know what to prioritize and what to ignore as part of the temporary conflict.

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