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A Cop Was Called On A Child Choking. When He Arrived The Baby Wasn’t Breathing, But Seconds Later It’s A Miracle

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A Cop Was Called On A Child Choking. When He Arrived The Baby Wasn’t Breathing, But Seconds Later It’s A Miracle

Being grateful is a beautiful concept. Ever since I started writing 3 things I am grateful for every single night, my life completely changed.

Every day there are things to be grateful for. Whether it’s someone holding the door for you, or someone is genuinely sharing a smile on the street with you, there are things that happen every day that give us appreciation of the things we surround ourselves with.

Many don’t see it that way and always drown in problems. When we focus on the things that are not well in our life or in the world in general, we can never see the bright light. This will affect us in a way that we would never be able to be optimistic, positive, nor healthy individual, both physically and mentally.

I dare you to write 3 things every day. Things that happen every day that you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s someone cooking a dinner for you. Maybe it’s your wife waiting for you at the door with a smile. No matter what it is, focus on the things that are good, and this will open so many doors for you to go through which will get you to an amazing experience in life.

One of the things in my gratefulness list is Officer Kennet Knox. He shared an amazing status update along this picture. Why do I wrote it down in my gratefulness list? Well, read below and find out:

Officer Kenneth Knox, Facebook

I would like to take the time to introduce everyone to miss Parham. She is a 2 month old beautiful baby girl.

Last night I was dispatched to a residence to a child choking, it was this beautiful little princess. She was turning blue and fading fast.. mom and dad tried CPR with no luck and when I arrived she was not breathing.

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY touched me and I knew what to do.

I did reverse CPR and was able to suck the cereal out of her throat and she began breathing again.

She smiled at me for a second and then starting crying which was music to my ears.

Out of my 25 years being a cop this is my greatest and most profound accomplishment and it made every second of those 25 years worth it all.

I am forever humbled and changed by this.

Little miss Parham will forever be a part of my life…

Well, now you know why I am grateful for stumbling across this story, and I hope you are grateful too!

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