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Madonna Supposedly Shares A Secret About Her Life She’s Never Told Before

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Madonna Supposedly Shares A Secret About Her Life She’s Never Told Before

Madonna recently shocked the world with a TikTok video.

Madonna posted a TikTok Sunday that’s got the world in awe … a video that shows her throwing pink panties at a trash can along the caption “If I miss, I’m Gay!” She fails to hit the trash. The camera cuts back to her, who shrugs away in an “I don’t care” style and walks away.

This is very big news, assuming she’s not actually joking about it. By this video, it looks like she is coming out as lesbian, or bi, but it’s hard to make that statement just by watching one TikTok video.

Madge signaled that she might be a lesbian… not just by public comments, but with her famous actions of locking lips long ago on stage with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

The kiss: mark at 3:46

It was all over the tabloids back in 2003 VMAs. When she kissed Britney and Madonna she explained that it was passing the Queen of Pop torch. However, Madonna and Britney recreated the kiss this year again during her wedding.

Madonna has been in relationship with men, including her famous one with Tupac, Michael Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Vanilla Ice among others.

She was married to Sean Penn, plus Guy Ritchie… with whom she has a kid. She’s had children with other men that are not so famous… and adopted some along the way.

We’ve seen Madonna with younger men lately, but we’ve never seen her in a relationship with a woman before. We need more information later these days. We have to wait and find out.

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