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Nurse Revealed: Something Creepy Grows Inside Me With Hair And Teeth, And It’s Not A Baby! When They Found What It Was I Was In Complete Shock

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Nurse Revealed: Something Creepy Grows Inside Me With Hair And Teeth, And It’s Not A Baby! When They Found What It Was I Was In Complete Shock

She finally found out her why she had so much struggle to lose weight.

Jaimi Conwell, 28, had a struggle with her weight for years, explaining that she was unable to shed the extra pounds no matter what she did – from strict diets, to workout twice a day.

To make matters worse, Jaimi kept gaining weight more rapidly than before, which was coupled with a host of worrying new symptoms, including nausea.

Concerned, she went to the doctor to have a quick checkup, which eventually turned into horror movie: an enormous 20lb ovarian tumor that had completely occupied her right ovary, having been steadily growing inside her body for Jaimi’s entire life.

‘I would bend over to tie my shoe and get nauseous, which I thought was normal for bigger people,’ she said. ‘I got my blood count checked to make sure everything was normal and my white blood cells came back abnormal.’

Doctors recommend that Jaimi went under explorative procedure which allows them to navigate the problem, while her mother can make crucial decisions that need to be made.

When doctors found the tumor, they decided to remove it with Jaimi’s right ovary over fears that the growth could’ve been cancerous.

‘I was placed under anesthesia, but was with my mom who I made a proxy so she could make any decisions for me,’ Jaimi recalled.

‘The doctor came in and told her I had a massive tumor in my abdomen that had engulfed my right ovary.

‘He asked if they could remove it and my mom agreed, so I had the tumor along with my right ovary removed.

‘After I woke up, I took a walk with my mom and I could see the worry in her face, so I knew something wasn’t right.

‘She told me about the tumor and that they were unsure if it was benign.

‘I was in so much shock, that I can’t remember how I was thinking or feeling at the time. At one point though, I remember thinking: “Am I going to die? Did I even live the life I wanted to?”‘

Although she was in complete shock, Jaimi agreed with the decision to remove her right ovary.

In the end, she was diagnosed with a teratoma tumor – a slow-growing tumor that had been growing her entire life.

Doctors believe that the gigantic tumor overtook all the nutrients she was giving her body in order to grow.

‘I was in shock, as that’s like having three kids inside of you,’ Jaimi said. ‘[I was told] that it was also growing teeth, which was an absolute shock.

‘It also grew hair and I think that was more disgusting for me than anything.’

While doctors couldn’t confirm what cause the tumor, Jaimi says they believe that her mother may have conceived a twin when she got pregnant with Jaimi.

That fetus may have shifted into the growth that was found on Jaimi’s ovary.

‘They said it could be due to a number of things and as my mom, grandfather and aunties are twins, maybe I had a twin in my mom’s womb,’ Jaimi explained. 

Knowing that the tumor was likely the reason she failed to shed the extra weight, she returned to her diet and exercise regime, eating protein shakes, fish, chicken and salads.

One year on, she has lost 103lbs and now weighs 147lbs.

Now she looks and feels amazing!

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