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Nostradamus Prediction About Israel Vs Hamas War In His Prophecies For 2023

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Nostradamus Prediction About Israel Vs Hamas War In His Prophecies For 2023

Hamas’s strikes on Israel on October 7, 2023, restarted the Israel-Palestine conflict, which is currently dominating international news.

Numerous horrific films depicting acts of brutality and kidnapping have gone viral, and tales of Hamas’s violence and Israel’s relentless air strikes against Palestinian people continue to pour in from both Israel and the Gaza Strip.

What did Nostradamus say about Israel and Palestine?

Nonetheless, it appears that Nostradamus anticipated this in 2023, as he predicted “a great war” for that year.

A compilation of 942 poetic quatrains, the French philosopher’s most renowned work, ‘Les Propheties’ was written over 450 years ago and has since been linked to a number of contemporary occurrences.

“Seven months the Great War, people dead of evil-doing,” he wrote, predicting this for 2023.

Initially, it was thought that he was foreseeing a worsening of Russia’s war in Ukraine, but it now appears that he was actually anticipating the unfolding situation in the Middle East.

The world reacts to conflict in Israel and Palestine

US Vice President and staunch Israel supporter Joe Biden has condemned Hamas’ violence.

“It’s abhorrent,” remarked Biden in a speech at the White House.

“The brutality of Hamas’ bloodthirstiness brings to mind the worst rampages of ISIS.”

U.S. President Biden has revealed that 14 American lives have been lost so far.

He also emphasized that some hostages are still being held, which demonstrates that citizens are being kidnapped and used as weapons by both sides.

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