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Boys On Trampoline Suddenly Freeze, Then Mother Hears Unmistakable Sound

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Boys On Trampoline Suddenly Freeze, Then Mother Hears Unmistakable Sound

In Germany, Tania Duenas Sweeney, a mother with military roots, posted about an inspiring event on Facebook that got a lot of attention very quickly.

Her son and his friends were jumping on a trampoline when, all of a sudden, they stopped what they were doing and stood still.

Sweeney took a picture of the moment and posted it on Facebook with a note about what it meant.

She said that every Monday through Friday at 5 p.m., both the American and German national anthems are played, which makes everyone on the station stop what they’re doing and show respect.

Sweeney is glad that her kids and other kids on the base are learning early on how important it is to treat others with care.

She said that this behavior is supported in several ways.

For instance, her son’s baseball teachers tell the kids to get there early so they can be there for the national anthem.

When they are practicing, everything stops, and the hats are taken off when the song starts.

Sweeney thinks that military children make a lot of sacrifices to help support their parents while they are in the service and that living on base, especially in a foreign country, makes them feel more patriotic.

Each and every child in the picture makes her proud because their act of respect was real and not forced.

Sweeney hopes that sharing the picture will bring attention to the sacrifices that military children make that are often forgotten.

A lot of people liked the post and said nice things about the kids’ behavior and how much they appreciated the troops and their families.

This event shows how important it is to teach kids respect and patriotism from a young age and recognizes the efforts that military families make.

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