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Never Marry a Man With These 11 Habits


Never Marry a Man With These 11 Habits

Marriage is one of the purest forms of relationships between a man and a woman.

A life together, filled with love and happiness in each other’s presence, ought to make someone really, really happy.

Yet, in today’s generation, marriages fall apart like a pack of cards. Sometimes, it could be because of external influence, but mostly, it is because one of the partners wasn’t exactly how they portrayed themselves as.

The tragedy in this entire scenario, being the other person, forever bereaving the loss of trust and love that she/he had to go through, at someone else’s expense.

Here we have presented a few habits of a person that our advice is to avoid marrying or invest in a long term relationship with them:

1. Workaholic

It is good to feel responsible, and work enough to enable that both you and your partner are able to live life comfortably, and without stress. Yet, too much of everything is bad, and similarly, when he gets too involved in work, he stops focusing on the reason why he is working. This is the time, when someone needs to ask themselves, if they want to be with him, despite his noble intentions. It is good if someone can balance both, and not only put their work first.

2. Respect

Respect is everything. If he doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t love you. And if he doesn’t love you, there is no point in marrying him, is there? And let’s not even get into the whole abuse thing. Don’t ever let that happen, and if it does, leave immediately!

3. Conservative

Conservatism is the leech that sucks off the energy from every relationship. If he isn’t broad-minded, and has a pessimistic outlook on life, he is not someone you should be with. You are better off without him, honestly.

4. Excuses, excuses, and excuses

You are not his teacher that he has to keep making excuses to you. You are his equal, and he loves you, which entails that he follows through with his words, and not make excuses when he is unable to. Sometimes, just giving the plain reasons work.

5. Lies

Don’t even bother. Someone who lies to their mate isn’t worth spending time with. You are better off without them. If he can’t be truthful around you, where is the love? You deserve the truth, and nothing but the truth. You shouldn’t be with someone that lies to you.

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6. Arguments

Relationship entails arguments. When two people are together, a difference in opinion is always expected. But when he takes it too far, never letting it go, keeping on bringing it up and spoiling the mood, the warning bells should start ringing.

7. Doesn’t stop fighting

This is different, for it involves him fighting all the time. Every. Single. Time. He doesn’t know what he really wants, so he keeps up fighting. For every small thing, be it his towel on the floor or his beer not so cold.

8. No Personal Space

He is not your dog, neither you are his. You are a human being, who needs some time to herself, to recuperate, retrospect, and just be with themselves. That doesn’t work, when he is dogging every one of your movements, including you going to work. It just doesn’t sit well with anyone, and you would be better throwing him off a cliff.

9. Anti-animals

I am just gonna say it- Dump him. Dump him, and his sorry ass to the ground. How can someone not like animals? Those beautiful huskies, with their beautiful eyes. How can someone not like them? Throw him in a zoo.

10. Cheat

He broke your trust, your love, and then came back into your life like nothing has happened. Do you really want to give him a second chance? If he had the desire to cheat on you once, he would do it again. And who knows, he might still be cheating on you. You can’t trust someone who breaks it in the first place. If someone wants to be with someone else, they need to end the relationship first, not hide and cheat.

11. Immature

Someone that acts like a young boy instead of an adult is not someone you should be with. You need a responsible mature person that can take care of you and themselves too.

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