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We Only Fall In Love With 3 People In Our Lifetime—Each One For A Specific Reason


We Only Fall In Love With 3 People In Our Lifetime—Each One For A Specific Reason

When it comes down to it, we will fall in love three times in our life. And all these loves will teach us an important lesson for our lifetime!

The first kind is definitely the first love. The one which we usually encounter in our formative years as an adult. The teenage love. The fairy tale love. This is the love that we have always heard about in songs and movies. The seemingly perfect love story of high school sweethearts taking on the world, as one.

But this kind of feel good factor soon washes away. Because at the end of the day, we perhaps didn’t know as much about life as it was needed to be in love. And then, we just keep up pretenses, because we don’t want others to think that our perfect love story is not so perfect at all. We are ready to keep at it, even when both of us know that it doesn’t feel exactly right because we care more about what others think of us rather than what we are feeling in the relationship.

We dive into the second love thinking we are all wise and mature from our experiences of the first love. But that is only what we think.

We would make sure that we are making all the right choices, and yet we will find ourselves arriving at all the wrong junctures. This is the love which will teach us the most heartbreak. Sometimes, it can even be a exploitative or manipulating relationship.

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Once we get into this vicious cycle of manipulative love, we will find ourselves coming back to the same thing again and again. This kind of love is definitely not healthy. This kind of love is the one where no matter what you do, nothing would ever be right. And yet, you will keep trying to make it work. Through your sweat and tears, even if you keep failing. Because you are too afraid that if this loves fails as well, what will happen to you? How will you ever find love again if the first one didn’t work and neither did this?

The third kind of love will happen to us when we have all our guards up against all kinds of love. We have failed in love so much that we no longer want to waste our time. And yet, even we couldn’t have predicted the love that the third one is.

It just came out of nowhere and swiped us clear off our feet. This is the kind of love that defies all logic. We all have certain expectations, certain things that we associate with love. This love would be nothing like those expectations. It will be all different and yet we wouldn’t have a problem with it. Because when we finally see that person, we’d know that nothing else could ever be more important than them. And even though we can’t explain it, yet everything just seems right when we are with that person.

There are definitely those who are lucky enough to find their third love first in life. And there are also those who stay with love no. 1 or 2, desperately trying to make things work even if they aren’t working out at all.

At the end of the day, live cannot be packaged away in neat boxes. We all have to learn our lessons the garden way.

Before we can experience love, we need to experience a billion other things that will make us ready for love. But remember, all these loves have their own importance. Just because they didn’t work out, doesn’t mean they were wrong or terrible. They needed to teach you an important lesson in life and that they did. Cherish them for that.

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