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My Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Want To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner I Cook, Plans To Bring Her Own Meals

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My Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Want To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner I Cook, Plans To Bring Her Own Meals

A woman hosted Thanksgiving at her home after spending the better part of a month planning the cuisine.

She prepared for the event by carefully gathering all the items and arranging a large menu.

Her happiness was short-lived, however, as her husband broke the news that his mother would be bringing her own meal. The lady’s reply is as follows:

On November 23, 2022, an unnamed female user posted her experience to the “AITA” subreddit on Reddit. The 32-year-old woman had prepared to host Thanksgiving dinner.

The whole month was dedicated to planning the food and perfecting the recipes. She was giddy with anticipation as she fed her loved ones the delicious meal she had prepared.

Her 35-year-old husband was an invaluable source of encouragement and help during the entire process. All the goods were purchased, and she planned a delicious range of dishes, including both conventional favorites and a few creative additions.


The day the woman wrote to Reddit, her husband made a stunning revelation: his mother insisted on bringing her own meal whenever she came to visit.

Perplexed, the woman questioned the requirement, as she had prepared more than enough food at home.

Her spouse reacted by calling her callous and petty and blaming her for spoiling the holiday.

Her husband gave an excuse, saying that his mom was a “grade A picky eater” who wouldn’t “like” anything the woman had cooked.

She thought this was a ludicrous argument and countered that her menu contained many items that diners were already familiar with. His opinion that her bringing her own food represented a “good compromise” overrode his mother’s objections.

The wife opposed, thinking it would be an embarrassing remark on her cooking if her mother-in-law ate something else in front of everyone.

Considering how much time, money, and effort the woman had put into preparing the impending supper, she found her mother-in-law’s request to be quite impolite and disrespectful.

Frustrated, she told her husband that his mother could eat whatever she liked at home if she couldn’t eat anything at their apartment.

Her spouse reacted by calling her callous and petty and blaming her for spoiling the holiday. The woman, however, had a different take on the situation.

Instead of receiving criticism for her efforts and insults about her cuisine, all she wanted was to be in the company of people who would appreciate her and her efforts.

The woman saw her work in preparing for Thanksgiving as a genuine act of love, a duty she gladly accepted so that she might show her appreciation to her loved ones.

If her MIL planned to reject all she had planned, she wondered if she was wrong to not want her to join.


When asked, the woman revealed the Thanksgiving feast she had prepared. Roasted turkey, stuffing, and fluffy mashed potatoes were among the many staples on the menu. She also planned to serve mashed potatoes with a typical au gratin topping, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce.

She added a special touch by roasting the squash and serving it with goat cheese and handmade bread rolls.

Unique dishes such as spinach, bacon, and feta cheese pies, a special lasagna with white sauce, and stuffed mushrooms complemented the traditional honey-glazed ham and braised short ribs.

Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie were on the menu to please guests’ sweet tooths.

The wife was shocked to learn that her mother-in-law was unable to enjoy even one item from the enormous menu.


The woman updated her initial article to express her appreciation for the many responses she had received and to thank readers for their input.

She took the comments into account, confessed that she felt hurt, and settled on the “kill her with kindness” strategy.

She was frazzled and fatigued, but making sure everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving was her top concern.

She intended to reassure her mother-in-law that she was welcome and to divert her attention from any complaints by focusing on her other visitors.

The woman made up her mind that she wouldn’t allow her MIL dampen her day, opting instead to act like the mature member of the family that she is.

Even though she knew her in-laws’ mother would be irritated on the inside, she still held out hope that she would try something new and like it.

Nevertheless, she repeated that even if her MIL didn’t like anything, it would be okay.

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