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Former Child Star Passes Away At 54

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Former Child Star Passes Away At 54

Adam Rich, a young actor best known for playing “America’s little brother” on “Eight is Enough,” passed suddenly at 54.

Rich passed away at his home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, according to Lt. Aimee Earl of the Los Angeles County Medical-Examiner Coroner’s office.

Even if the death’s cause is being investigated, nobody thinks it’s suspicious.

At the age of 8, Rich shot to fame after he was cast as Nicholas Bradford, the youngest of eight children, on the ABC hit drama “Eight is Enough,” which ran from 1977 to 1981.

Rich enjoyed considerable success during his time on the show but struggled to maintain his acting career once it ended.

Almost hitting a California Highway Patrol cruiser stationed in a lane closed for construction led to Rich’s 2002 arrest for driving under the influence.

In 1991, he was taken into custody for an attempted drug store break-in, and in October of that year, while in the hospital for a dislocated shoulder, he was held for allegedly stealing a drug-filled syringe.

Unfortunately, Rich is not alone among famous kid entertainers in his struggles with drugs and the law. Being famous sometimes means being the center of attention, which can put you under a lot of strain.

Rich’s role in “Eight is Enough” and the happiness he brought to audiences will live on in their memories forever.

On Instagram, Rich’s on-screen stepmother, Betty Buckley, who played with him, expressed her loving memories of him.

A “light,” her “young pal” on set, and a friend ever since, she was devastated to hear of his death.

“I adored him and loved working with him,” Buckley gushed. “He was so endearing, witty, young, and genuine. He made everyone on the show, as well as the viewers, very happy.”

The demise of Adam Rich serves as a reminder of the hardships young actors may confront and the value of providing them with aid as they work their way through the entertainment sector.

Rich’s time on “Eight is Enough” may have been limited, but he will be remembered as a pioneering legend of the medium.

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