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My Husband Asked Me To Go To A Restaurant, But When We Finished Eating, He Wanted Me To Pay For Both Of Us

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My Husband Asked Me To Go To A Restaurant, But When We Finished Eating, He Wanted Me To Pay For Both Of Us

Because she didn’t want to pay for her husband’s restaurant lunch, a woman posted a question on Reddit.

Although they had agreed to divide costs evenly, he didn’t think she would follow through.

Marriage can present a variety of challenges, and finances is frequently a major one. Differing financial beliefs between spouses can cause arguments about how they spend their money.

Before getting married, it’s crucial to have a financial conversation and seek assistance if you and your spouse can’t agree. Sadly, a woman often doesn’t know her marriage will have financial problems until after she was married.

Different Views on Money

A 30-year-old lady discussed her 32-year-old husband on Reddit. They both work, and they have been married for four months.

He is a police officer, and she works as a secretary.

The woman claims that her husband spends money differently than she does.

He doesn’t plan ahead and has poor budgeting skills. He enjoys making purchases without taking his account balance into account.

The woman mentioned to her husband one day that they should get a joint bank account.

She reasoned that having a joint account would be beneficial for both of them to save money and pay bills.

Her partner, on the other hand, believed that they were doubling their income by having two of the same thing.

Spending Left and Right

The husband started to spend excessively and acquire pricey items without informing his wife.

“He was just taking money and spending it without discussing it,” the woman remarked. Not good because we have expenses to cover.

Her spouse agreed that having a joint account was a mistake when they spoke about it.

He defended himself by claiming that he had the right to spend some of the money in the account because it was his. He enquired,

“Isn’t it reasonable for everyone to have their own money to spend, whether married or not?”

Ultimately, they chose to retain their individual salaries while splitting the expenses equally for all of their joint expenses.

Making his Wife Pay for Dinner

The spouse suggested that they go out to supper one evening.

The wife accepted, thinking they would cover their own dinner expenses. However, after dining, the spouse—who had placed an additional food order—was taken aback when his spouse asked for separate invoices. “Aren’t you going to pay for my meal too?” he inquired.

The man claimed he was out of money and unable to pay for meals. However, his wife reminded him of their agreement, pointing out that eating out is part of the equally divided costs.

The spouse, surprisingly, didn’t think she would follow through.

The woman paid for her lunch and departed after the husband spoke.

When he returned home two hours later, he called his buddy rude and said that she had to pay for his food at the restaurant.

Following an argument, the wife suggested they seek professional assistance and attend therapy together. The first thing her spouse worried about was, “Who’s paying?”

He persisted in bringing up her “unacceptable” behavior and demanded an explanation for not paying for his dinner.

Several Reddit users sympathized with the woman and offered support in their comments on her article.

One lady said her husband was showing warning signs early in the marriage, and another suggested they deal with the issues before they worsen, either on their own or with a professional.

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Do you think the wife was correct to refuse to pay for her husband’s dinner? If you were in her shoes, would you walk away or pay for his meal?

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