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Mother Shares A Video of Husband Nurturing Baby Using Breastfeeding Tool, And People Got Upset

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Mother Shares A Video of Husband Nurturing Baby Using Breastfeeding Tool, And People Got Upset

From the time they are babies until they are adults, every moment a parent spends with their child is important.

Each experience builds a bond that can’t be broken and helps the child feel safe and trusting as they grow up.

And it’s so much more fun to be a parent when both mom and dad are participating.

In a recent TikTok video, a new mom talks about how “teamwork” is helping her get through her postpartum period. The video also shows her husband breastfeeding their baby girl, Zoe.

Read on to find out how this dad can “breastfeed”!

Zion Lamm and her gastrologist husband Kevin had their baby Zoe on May 6, 2023. They had been married for seven years.

Zion is also a skincare social media influencer, and she has been telling her almost 718,000 fans about how hard it is to recover from giving birth and having a C-section.

But her husband is there to help her.

The new mom shared a cute video of her husband sitting on the bed with their daughter on August 10.

It almost broke the internet.

The cute video, which Zion called “teamwork babyyyy,” was set to the famous TikTok audio “Thank you to my man.” It got 2.3 million likes, and fans from all over the world commented on how sweet the father and his baby were.

“This is so attractive. You got a good one girl!!! Such a good daddy,” writes one, while a second shares, “Beautiful, keep building those bonds.”

A third person says, “Wow, that’s too cute.”

People online were drawn to the picture of the beautiful dad with his baby because it made them feel good, but what really caught their attention was the green device that he was carrying over his shoulder and using to breastfeed their child.

The loving father had both arms around his daughter Zoe’s head and was completely focused on her. Zoe looked up at him as she drank from a bottle that was inserted into the breastfeeding device.

A hands-free baby bottle holder called the Beebo was what Kevin was using, and some people were interested in it.

“My husband joked about jerry rigging bottles to do this to our babies and when I showed him this he made me buy one for kids we don’t have yet,” writes one while another says, “who invented this cause that is genius!!!”

On the other hand, some Internet users couldn’t see the cuteness beyond the dad’s choice of clothes. Someone was annoyed and asked, “Why is he wearing scrubs on the bed?” while another added “I have this weird thing about outside clothes being in my bed. Can’t imagine being in bed with scrubs lol.”

@dr.zionko teamwork babyyyyy🫶🏽🫰🏽 #postpartum #momlife #dadlife #newparents #nursing #breastfeeding #momhacks #moms #dads #momsofinstagram #parenting #parents ♬ and my man thank you to my man – Blowthisup

But some people stepped in and supported the loving dad. “People focusing on the scrubs but I see a dad bonding with his child,” says one. “This could be his clean scrubs prior to work,” says someone else online to assure everyone that he is a doctor and wouldn’t put his child in danger. “He’s a doc and fully aware, I’m sure. He’s helping and bonding. That’s an A to me.”

However, some people jumped directly to point that it’s so wrong. One user said: “Silliest thing I’ve ever seen,” while another wrote, “What the heck is this I see a bottle and some stupid thing over is shoulder what is the purpose,it’s a shame people are losing it.”

There were divided opinions on the subject….

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However, there’s nothing more special than a father’s love for his daughter. Some dads don’t get enough praise, so we’re glad Zion shared this clip so we can all see what a great dad he is!

Feel free to share this story and let us know what you think about it. We want to hear what other people think about this loving dad!

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