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JFK’s Only Male Descendant, His Grandson Jack Schlossberg Is All Grown Up, But Wait Till You See How He Looks Like Today

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JFK’s Only Male Descendant, His Grandson Jack Schlossberg Is All Grown Up, But Wait Till You See How He Looks Like Today

The media always has their eyes on people who are related to the famous Kennedy family. But Jack Schlossberg, John F. Kennedy’s only grandson, stayed out of the spotlight for a long time.

John F. Kennedy’s only son, Jack, is now a law student at Harvard and has been interested in politics for a long time.

But Jack really took the stage for the first time at the Democratic National Convention 2020, where he spoke to millions of people about his views.…

People on social media quickly pointed out the similarities between Jack and his famous grandpa, John F. Kennedy, just minutes after he backed Joe Biden and criticized Donald Trump.

Right away, some fans said that Jack looked a lot like his late uncle John F. Kennedy Jr. and his grandpa John F. Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He was known for being a passionate politician, and on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, he was sadly killed.

“Good looks really do run in the family then! What a gorgeous man. His granddad would be so proud I bet,” one observer wrote.

“I just gasped. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s son looks remarkably like her late brother/his late uncle JFK, Jr. Wow,” another user tweeted.

Jack also got a lot of compliments on how good he looks, with fans saying things like “perfect hair” and “strong jawline.”

“Jack Schlossberg is just like his dear grandfather, the resemblance is uncanny. Look at that perfect hair!” one user wrote.

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The only living male descendant of JFK

But Jack is famous for more than just how he looks.

In The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Time Magazine, Jack has written about politics and spoken out against right politicians.

“I’m still trying to make my own way, figure things out, so stay tuned,” he told Today in 2017 “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

This is Jack Schlossberg, who is 29 years old. He is the third child of Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. His uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr., died in a plane crash in 1999, leaving him as the only male cousin of JFK who is still alive.

He talked about his grandfather.

Numerous sources say that Jack is very close to his mother, who was President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Japan.

In 2015, he finished from Yale University with a degree in history. He then went to Harvard to get an MBA in law. The fact that Jack picked Harvard, which is the oldest college in the United States, was probably not a coincidence.

His grandpa, John F. Kennedy, graduated from Harvard as an undergraduate in 1940, and Jack’s mother graduated from the same school in 1980.

In January 2022, Jack talked about his graduation from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School on Instagram.

In a set of pictures, Jack stood with cupcakes that had the Harvard logo on them.

He has been getting more and more active in his family’s political and charitable work over the past few years.

In May 2020, Jack said, “Times have changed, but the themes of my grandfather’s speech — courage, unity, and patriotism — are as important today as they were in 1960.”

Jack might go into politics like his grandpa, but it’s not clear if he will actually do that. Back in 2012, he talked about it with CNN.

“Politics definitely interests me. I’m most interested in public service. I think that’s something that I got from being part of my family, which is such an honor. I haven’t even picked what classes I’m taking this semester yet, so I’m not thinking about a political career right now.”

The Mirror says he also had a short playing career. In 2018, he was in an episode of Blue Bloods.

Jack’s girlfriend

After being together for a long time, Jack seems to have broken up with his yoga teacher and studio owner girlfriend Jessica Jones.

Sources say that the couple met in 2017 and made their relationship public in 2019. In the same year, though, someone close to Krissy told Radar Online that the two were no longer together.

A big fan of “The Rock”

Jack, who is 29 years old, has a lot of social media and an Instagram account that make it clear that he loves Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It’s possible that “The Rock” heard about this and made a birthday message for Jack. That day, Jack said, was “the greatest day of my life.”

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What do you think? Does he remind you of the late President? I think he’s very good-looking, and it’s clear that he’s a Kennedy!

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