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Moose Falls Through Ice And Starts Drowning, But This Brave Woman Finds A Smart Way To Rescue It

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Moose Falls Through Ice And Starts Drowning, But This Brave Woman Finds A Smart Way To Rescue It

Nature is calm, giving and kind, but there is something we rarely see, Nature being protected by the bubble of society.

Nature is the perfect place to be when we rest under a tree, but the whole story of Nature is not that chill and calm. There’s a food chain and the strongest always eats the weakest. We have to accept those rules and let them BE, whether we like it or not, because…

Without nature we cannot exist.

Our every breath, our food and water- our very existence comes from nature. Our very survival depends on the laws of nature all working perfectly together and in harmony.

The bad part is that we have industrialized the meat industry and those laws of nature only work in our favor. We have much bigger brains relative to body size and in absolute size than other mammals, and have a level of intelligence that other animals don’t. There are many advantages to intelligence, such as the ability to plan and cooperate, innovate new techniques and create such systems that works in our favor.

However, this doesn’t mean we should always take advantage of the systems we’ve built and never think outside the box. We have the capacity to think outside of those systems and allow ourselves to experiment and manage with the resources available at hand.

It can happen that we need to write something down, but the pencil is broken and we have no sharpener at hand. Then, we find a sharp edge, or take a knife and try to sharpen the pencil however we can. This is what it means to think outside the box. Similar thing happened to a couple who were ice skating on remote lake when they spotted a struggling animal.

They knew they had to help but with no equipment and a large moose panicking for his life was a dangerous rescue.

Watch the video below:

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