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Mom Takes Family Photo, But Doesn’t See The Danger That’s Hiding In Plain Sight

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Mom Takes Family Photo, But Doesn’t See The Danger That’s Hiding In Plain Sight

Mom takes family photo but doesn’t see the danger that’s hiding in plain sight.

When Annika met Tim for the first time, she was instantly drawn to him for a number of reasons. He was fun to be around and his jokes filled with sarcasm would make her laugh every time.

They got happily married and became parents to a beautiful young boy named Shane. The family lived in Highland Park, New Jersey, and everything was laugh, jokes and joy, until one day something happened that change their whole lives…

Tim was a cycling enthusiast and would often go on a bike ride to let his mind chill. For him, cycling was therapeutic and helped him relax. His love for cycling inspired his wife and boy to join on rides with him. Annika would notice that Tim uses sarcasm to avoid his problems and worries, but she never thought about it more, since Tim was always carefree and joyful to be around.

One day during picnic, Annika, Tim and Shane, who was 10 at that time, rode their bicycles on a cliff to overlook at the ocean from above. After having a picnic, Annika pulled her camera and took some photos of Shane and Tim together. As she took out the photograph off the polaroid, she couldn’t help but smile that came from joy by looking at her husband and son, but what she couldn’t see was Tim’s underlying struggle that was never visible on camera…

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