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Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera, Catches Her Husband In The Act With Young Daughter

Off The Record

Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera, Catches Her Husband In The Act With Young Daughter

Unexpected Spy Cam Footage

Mother Rejuena installed a covert camera in her house to record adorable moments with her kids, but the camera’s focus soon shifted to an unlikely subject.

Unexpected Star of the Show

Hidden camera film reveals that as Rejuena’s daughter dances with pom poms to Katy Perry’s “Extraterrestrial,” her anonymous husband does housework. There’s a bouncy chair in the corner for their second child to play in.

Dad Joins in the Dance

The father quickly abandons his tasks to dance with his daughter.

He and his small kid stun everyone with their dexterous dancing, including the robot dance and ballet.

Entertaining the Baby

While his daughter keeps on dancing with her pom poms, Dad includes the baby in the act by putting his tongue out and hopping up and down.

Adorable Interaction

The dad turns to his daughter and playfully asks, “Are you dancing?” She hands him the pom poms enthusiastically. He takes one at first, but the astute young lady says, “No, both of them.”

Dad continues his sassy dance number with bent knees, pom poms in both hands, much to the enjoyment of his kids.

An Outstanding Show

At the conclusion of the dance, the father tosses one of the pom poms like a microphone and walks away, leaving behind a priceless video memory.

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This endearing dance session between a father and his children serves as a reminder of the priceless relationship that parents and their children share.

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