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Mom Secretly Records Teen Babysitter’s Voice While She Thinks She’s Alone

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Mom Secretly Records Teen Babysitter’s Voice While She Thinks She’s Alone

Because of her covert recording, a TikTok mother may have just given her young babysitter a big shout in the singing world!

Mom Nicki (@nickiunplugged) probably had no idea the video she shot of her babysitter singing “Part of Your World” by Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” would go viral!

But thanks to the amazing talent of its adolescent star, Delaney (@delaneyreneemusic), the lovely footage has now been viewed over 10 million times!

In order to film Delaney without making any noise, Nicki states in her video that she has been pushing the babysitter to “put her voice out there more.”

“But she gets discouraged about the way she looks in her videos,” Nicki explains. “All I see is beauty. So do my kids.”

Delaney sings Ariel’s well-known song flawlessly, hitting all the notes and completely encapsulating the mermaid’s longing, while Nicki’s daughter and Delaney play dolls while the video is being recorded.

“Let’s show her some love so I can get her to sing for us more!!!” Nicki says in her on-screen text.

Nicki says she’s on the verge of tears in the corridor as Delaney wraps up her song, having been completely moved by the teen’s voice. She writes, “Her voice really makes me cry.”

@nickiunplugged @delaneyreneemusic so happy you’re in our world 🧜‍♀️ #disney #singer #mom #babysitter #thevoice ♬ original sound – Nicki Marie

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‘Omg I thought it was the movie playing…’

Over 84k comments were left on Nicki’s video, many complimenting Delaney’s beauty and skill.

“Y’all hired your own Disney Princess!” one user wrote.

“Awww, the best part is that it is business as usual for them… She is not putting on a show… Just filling the air with joy,” another user commented.

“Omg, I thought it was the movie playing. She sounds so amazing,” wrote another user.

“You struck gold with that babysitter! Your daughter is so content too!” commented another user.

“Amazing voice, but what I love more is her and your daughter’s unspoken bond I see between them!” another user wrote.

“I GOT LITERAL CHILLS, WOW!!!” wrote another user.

Nicki received a lot of applause from fans for pushing Delaney to speak up and share her voice. “She is amazing! You’re amazing for supporting her,” a user said.

“Am I the only one who feels like she really connected to those lyrics?” asked one user. To this, Nicki replied, “It made me cry for more than a few reasons. Resonates SO MUCH!!! For so many of us.”

Delaney seems to have a bright career ahead of her, maybe as a Disney Princess someday, with her gorgeous voice and kind heart!

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