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Men Reveal The Thing About You That Causes Them To Fall In Love Instantly


Men Reveal The Thing About You That Causes Them To Fall In Love Instantly

I believe that we have all wondered quite a number of times about what makes men fall in love and how they know that they are in love.

This is weirdly not discussed in popular media as much as women falling in love, but we know it is something along the lines of being made to feel special, loved and so on.

Now, to bring balance back into the Universe, we shall talk about men falling in love, as 15 of them tell us how they fell in love!

1. They miss her

One of them says that one of the most pertinent signs of him having fallen in love is when he misses her terribly when she is not with him. He cannot get used to being without her and when he feels her absence even after being with her for a long while, he knows it is love.

2. Good person

Another guy talks about how he falls in love with women who laugh freely, love animals, can whip good stuff up in the kitchen and is warm and friendly. He says that when she is a good person, falling in love is like eating a piece of cake.

3. Always on their mind

Love is not the watered down version of what we see in movies, it is indeed, exactly like that! So another guy says that he knows that he has got it bad when she is all he can think about, starting from when he starts his day till he goes to sleep. She is running around in his thoughts the whole day.

4. A sense of disbelief

One of the guys says that it is truly the real deal when there is a sense of disbelief even when it has been a while of them being together. Everything she does is adorable and you cannot get over her.

5. You are interested in them even after…

Now we all know that this is a tell. One guy says that there is nothing that screams out love louder than just wanting to be with her without having anything physical involved.

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6. She makes you comfortable

All it takes is her presence to calm you down and make you comfortable. It only takes her to be near you to help you unwind and de-stress. She literally makes everything better.

7. No judgement

One of them talks about how they know that they have fallen head over heels when they realize that nobody makes them as comfortable as who they are as the girl that they are with. They feel no pressure to be prim and proper and can be how they are without the fear of judgement.

8. Seeing a future 

There is a feeling of safety and security. If you truly love her, you see an actual future with her and that does not take much thinking either. You feel safe and do not feel the need to get jealous. You want to build a life with her.

9. Can’t imagine life without them

It physically hurts to think about life without them in it. That is pretty much what love is.

10. Laughing together

There is nothing more wholesome than being able to laugh about things that both of you find funny and support each other as much as you can. It is one of the purest things.

11. Glasses and sass

One guy points out how he is always on the verge of falling in love when he finds a woman who wears glasses and is witty and sarcastic. This might seem shallow but the idea is pretty solid – it is easier to fall in love when the human matches the image in our head.

12. Their presence

They simply fill up the room that they are in and there is nothing that makes a man fall harder, says another guy.

13. More than just looks

Contrary to popular belief, men do want more than just looks. One guy says that he becomes way more interested when he finds that his woman is more than just a pretty face.

14. You are happy when she is, sad when she is

It has to be love when you feel happy when you see her smile and your heart breaks when you see her suffering. It is almost science.

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