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3 Simple Ways to Make Any Man Addicted To Your Presence


3 Simple Ways to Make Any Man Addicted To Your Presence

Who doesn’t want someone who would have eyes only for them? Someone who would be so addicted to them, that they would never even look at someone else? To whom life would be completely meaningless if they didn’t get a glimpse of them? You want it. Everyone wants it.

Having someone love you to that extent is indeed a praiseworthy thing to do. But, how would you ensure that happens? In the world of Instagram edits and photo filters, how can you be sure that your love is true, and so is their love?

And not just love, but a zeal to be with you. A passion, a fire that burns even strongly with each passing day.

It isn’t easy, it never was. But it is possible. If the love is pure and the intentions good, there is nothing stopping anyone from being zealously fanatical towards you. It comes with the cons of being territorial, and jealous, but when it lasts, it is one of the best things ever.

People search for love in strange places, and those who have it, aren’t able to maintain it. So, what should you do? Read on!

1. Mysterious, Unpredictable, Puzzling

Everyone likes a mystery that they want to solve.

If you come as easy, or simple, the interest goes away after a few weeks or months. But, if you are mysterious enough, and not be someone who carries their heart and emotions on their sleeves, it would be pretty evident to notice that your date or boyfriend is enamored with you, and would not let go off of you, at any cost.

This also stems from the fact that mysterious women are usually very strong-willed and independent, two characteristics which any man worth his salt would immensely appreciate. But that leads to the question of how to identify that.

Therein lies the real thrill, the real adrenaline rush, and the real spirit.

The desire to know, the desire to unravel the mystery, to solve the riddle is so strong, that no matter how much you further ignore the person, he would still be star-struck with visions of you in his head.

Now, that could very well be something that you wanted. A little dizzle, a little dazzle, and boom! A perfect swooner.

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2. Optimistic

No one likes a negative-minded woman in their life.

What they want is a stead-fast, resolved woman, who would have a positive outlook on life, no matter how bad the situations are.

Someone who would be a wall and a rock to support her man.

This woman garners respect and admiration wherever she goes, and men and women look up to her.

This world is already filled with much negativity and pessimism, for someone in your life to add to that.

A man would always be hooked to a woman who would be a ray of sunshine in a world that is very much in need of it.

Someone who would never lose her cool, calm and composure, even under the direst of situations.

Someone who would love, live, and exist dangerously, without the least worry in the world, knowing everything would be alright.

3. Intimidating and hard to get

A woman who is hard to get can easily keep her man.

All she needs is a little amount of fierceness in her voice, and a little purpose in her stride, and hook, line and sinker.

Men love women who are hard to get, for it gives them a chance to fully discover themselves, if they are worth going for them.

This gives them an opportunity to challenge themselves, and be the best version of themselves, which soon becomes a behavior.

An intimidating, hard woman also knows how to keep her man on around her fingers, for she is assertive, independent, and a man would never forget the trials and tribulations he had to undergo to get her.

This would also help one realize the sweet fruit of patience and effort, for this love would stay, from both ends.

Both the man and the woman have struggled to be with each other, get to know each other a lot, and this would stay without breaking apart like a pack of cards.

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