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Matthew McConaughey Displays His Son’s Serious Surf Injuries As “Souvenirs”

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Matthew McConaughey Displays His Son’s Serious Surf Injuries As “Souvenirs”

Matthew McConaughey’s teenage son, Levi, recently experienced a tragic accident while surfing.

The star of Dallas Buyers Club shared a photo of his son on Instagram, revealing the scars he sustained and referring to them as “souvenirs.”

Levi was proudly displayed standing beside his emerald green surfboard. He had numerous enormous white bandages on his tanned skin and a pink dressing in the centre of his back.

The young surfer undoubtedly paid the price for spending the day riding the waves and honing his or her abilities.

Actor Matthew, in his early 50s, posted a photo of his son, who was covered in bruises and scratches.

The caption read, “Surf souvenirs,” as though he didn’t care that people were getting hurt. Fans expressed concern and fear in response to the image, but Matthew didn’t appear to mind.

“We call them nature’s tattoos, brother!” one user said in jest. Another viewer praised the photograph, saying it brought back memories of their own difficult upbringing.

Another commenter drew attention to the fact that men are more likely to say things like “that’s a boy,” while women are more likely to say “poor baby!”

Levi McConaughey is the oldest of Matthew McConaughey’s three children. His father is an Oscar-winning actor.

He and his wife have three kids: Levi, 13, their daughter Vida, and Livingston, 10.

Camila Alves was on a jet that suddenly dropped thousands of feet in a matter of minutes, injuring a number of passengers.

She shared their 45 minutes of turbulent flight on Instagram. Everything was in the air.

The passenger said the scenario was chaotic and the turbulence hit suddenly. Afterwards, her husband tweeted that an unprepared traveler or two had been injured by the brief lightning strike.

There was no flashing warning for those who weren’t fastened in their seats.

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