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Magician Exposed His Card Tricks And It Will Destroy Your Faith In Magic

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Magician Exposed His Card Tricks And It Will Destroy Your Faith In Magic

Are you ready to have some amazing card tricks revealed to you?

Card tricks have been the most common forms of amusement since forever, but for years no one has tried to find out how the tricks behind the “facade” works! There is no science behind it and it is definitely not magic; just a couple of hand moves with the help of some paper!

This video by Evan Era reveals the workings behind the most common card tricks. It starts with a quick flash intro in which he shows all the tricks he will be covering.

The first one is a double card trick done using a double tape. The audience is led to believe there is a transformation of a card into the other as Era swipes his hand over it when in reality he is just peeling the double tape off to reveal the other one.

In the next one, he makes cards appear out of thin air. For this he makes a card paper catcher and glues it on the back side of his hand which helps him with his next trick of making it appear as if he has an endless deck of cards when the audience sees only one. His last trick is making cards disappear, for which he uses his card catcher again.

If you are looking to perform convincing magic, remember that these tricks call for skills such as a cunning nature and precision. You will also need to act super-fast and to get there you need ton of practice! But do not feel disheartened if you are not able to get it right in the first few minutes! Era had also mastered his way gradually from easy card tricks and then built his magic repertoire from there.

Thanks to Evan Era for this amazing video! Make sure to follow him on his Facebook Page and YouTube Channel!

Amazing Card Tricks Revealed!

Amazing Card Tricks Revealed!

Posted by Evan Era on Sunday, May 20, 2018

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