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Dog Playing Fetch Is Old News – Watch How This Cow Fetches

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Dog Playing Fetch Is Old News – Watch How This Cow Fetches

Animals are super fun beings. If you ever had a pet, you would know it! Yes, it differs from one animal to another, the way they want to have fun but the bottom line is – they are just as playful as you want them to be. Here is a video of a cow playing fetch to further aid the argument.

Now, it is not uncommon to play fetch with a dog. In fact, it is probably the dog’s favourite thing to do – fetch! You throw a ball or a stick far away, the dog will go running and get it back to you only for you to throw it again. It is the dogs’ way of having fun and displaying their playful characteristics amongst other traits. Have you ever seen any other animal play fetch like a dog does? Maybe a cat? Does it make sense to imagine a cow playing fetch? No? Well, you need to think outside the box!

This video is everything you would not expect a cow to do. It is surely not our average cow now, is it? This cow is happy for some reason and wants to play fetch – which you though cows couldn’t do! It doesn’t seem too much of an effort for a cow. In fact, the cheerful cow seems to enjoy the moment and fetch the ball.

On the obvious, it appears as what it is. But maybe, this has more meaning. If a cow can be this joyous and play around fetching balls, isn’t there a possibility that playing fetch makes the cow happy? Anyways, whatever it is, this video will surely make your day! It isn’t every day you see a happy cow running around catching balls.

Thanks to Jasmine Fenah Sjögren for this amazing video! 

Här på Backa Västergård vill alla leka. Fjällkossan Lotta är riktigt förtjust i sin boll. 😍#ladanibacka

Posted by Jasmine Fenah Sjögren on Monday, September 17, 2018

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