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This Mesmerizing Video Of Pottery Making Is So Satisfying To Watch

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This Mesmerizing Video Of Pottery Making Is So Satisfying To Watch

Pottery making is an art. It is a form of expression which requires great practice and experience. It might seem easy to do but rest assured, it is not. Yes, the result is exceptionally beautiful but it is only because similar efforts have been put in order to achieve it. The video is one of the many from this YouTuber, Ingleton Pottery, who puts up various videos of pottery in making.

The very first thing you will probably notice in the video is that the pottery maker has only one hand. It is something worth admiring – even though one of his hands is missing, he doesn’t let it be a hindrance in pursuing his passion. And this man happens to be the father of this YouTuber from the UK.

Now, if you have seen videos of pottery making earlier, you know how satisfying they can be to watch. This video is nothing less. It has been speeded which somehow makes it more effective. Don’t you just love how that wet piece of clay rotates on the pottery wheel and starts taking shape as the potter glides his hands and fingers over it? It makes you want to do the same! It makes you want to make a pot for yourself! And you are left wishing if it is possible.

Pottery making is a messy business but it is worth it. The wet clay feels amazing against your skin. You might not be able to make a goblet of your own, the video surely helps feel what it would be like. You feel that calmness and sense of achievement in yourself when you watch this video. It is probably one of the most inspiring and satisfying videos you’ll watch today.

You will love it!

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My Dad making a couple of pottery Goblets.Speeded up a bit for the Instagram video.Please have a look at my new Instagram page at : of course my main Youtube Channel at 😊Music :Super power cool dude by Kevin Mcleod ( licensed under creative commons attribution license 3.0 license.Http://

Posted by Ingleton Pottery : Pottery Making Videos on Monday, October 2, 2017

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