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America’s Got Talent’s Freakiest Guy Is About To Have Your Nightmares Come True

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America’s Got Talent’s Freakiest Guy Is About To Have Your Nightmares Come True

Many people have surprising talent but the most unique ones get exposed on America’s Got Talent show. It is a well-known platform amongst Americans to show-cast their newfound skills or long hidden talents in an engaging manner. Many people dream of this moment in their lives- and why wouldn’t they? Once you are past this stage, nothing can stop you from being famous!

For the very same reason, Troy James, a human resource manager by profession, decided to step out of his bubble and try something new. In the beginning of the video after James introduces himself, he is asked by the judges what he is going to show them to which he replies, “You’ll see”! The shortest words in history to build enormous suspense!

He starts by taking both his arms behind his back in an extremely flexible manner, the one that is almost uncomfortable to watch. The audience and the judges are left shocked as he bends over backwards completely. As if that was not scary enough, he twists his head too. The audience is seen gasping as he approaches the judges in a backbend position, leaving them stunned.

He does not feel the need to hide the freaky things his body is capable of and James has now turned that fear into a unique talent to show the world that the acting in those horror movies can be all too real! He started working as a performer at Canada’s Wonderland and after the video went viral, he has about 60 million fans and his moves are an inspiration behind the upcoming horror movies! He is currently working with movie characters to expand the horizon of horror movies.

You better watch out if James is casting in a movie, because he is about to show you what scary really is!

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Troy James on America's Got Talent 2018 (Audition)

Most Terrifying Audition Shocks Audience!! #GotTalent

Posted by Got Talent Global on Friday, October 12, 2018

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