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Let’s Twist Again In “Black And White” Will Remind You Of The Good Times Back In The Days


Let’s Twist Again In “Black And White” Will Remind You Of The Good Times Back In The Days

“Let’s Twist Again” – the revival of the rock and roll!

Are you familiar with the rock and roll genre? The genre which promoted happiness and liveliness? The kind of music which compelled you to shake your groove and immerse in the moment? If you are, this video is a walk down the memory lane. And if you are not, well, get ready to experience one of the most up-beat genres of all time: rock and roll!

Every genre has a certain emotional valence attached to it. Certain genres promote calmness while others are ambassadors of intensity. Then, there are some genres which represent sadness and on the other hand another genre is a replacement for happy mood. Rock and roll is the genre which translates into jolly-good mood and a carefree attitude. From the commencement of the video, you will understand clearly what has been stated earlier.

Just look at all these people dancing to the happy song, enjoying the moment, devoid of the atrocities of life and being in the present. It is the kind of attitude we need today – revival of this 50’s rock and roll! The video has a very positive vibe – from the background song to the dance moves to the smiles on the people’s faces, everything speaks optimistic!

Even though their dance moves look synchronized, notice how they are utterly random… People throwing around arms and twisting their waists, clapping to the lyrics and moving their legs – oh yes, that is how you rock and roll! This video will out you in the mood and you might notice yourself enjoying the video to an extent you would be moving along the song – rock and roll can have that kind of impact on the listeners!

Someone even said that they would be more than happy to start this rock and roll trend again, considering how it sponsors optimism and cheery attitude. You will surely have a good time watching this video!

Thanks to Steve and Chanzie!

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