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Amazing story about the conjoined twins connected at the head will fill your heart with warmth and love


Amazing story about the conjoined twins connected at the head will fill your heart with warmth and love

After a while, we call crave for a life-time partner. Later, we want to build a family with them. We try and try, and finally we conceive. At times, with conception comes complications. And these complications are more if there are twins. Surely, you would know of a lot of people who have had complicated twin births. One of the most prevalent complication in a twin conception is that of conjoined twins. This is the survival of conjoined twins born to Heather and Riley Delaney!

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is the oldest hospital in the United States which is solely dedicated to paediatrics. Even today, it continues to be in the forefront in the advancement of healthcare for children. It involves itself in exemplary patient care and highly trained professionals. When it comes to twin surgeries, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has performed more conjoined twin separations than other hospital in the US. It is precisely why Delaneys opted for their expertise for their twins – Erin and Abby Delaney.

It was a moment of sheer happiness when the parents found about having conceived twins – an appropriate reaction for any couple who is trying! They didn’t feel any less blessed when they discovered about their twins being conjoined at head. Their determination and courage is exemplary for all of us! Imagine having to hold twins conjoined at head – the care it requires is sweat-breaking!

The twins stayed at the hospital for a year, under the supervision of world-class doctors and caretakers during and after their separation surgery. You will feel amazingly happy when you learn about their survival story. It is plain inspirational. It gives you a sense of gratefulness and calmness knowing you are healthy and that there is a beacon of hope for every child struggling with health!

Erin and Abby will fill your heart with warmth and love!

Thanks to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for publishing this amazing video! Make sure to follow them for more heart-warming stories!

Meet Erin and Abby Delaney

Erin and Abby Delaney were successfully separated in June after being born joined at the head. Today, the girls are able to sit independently, be held separately in their parents' arms, and can practice rolling over. Watch and share this video about their inspiring #mybreakthrough journey and read more here:

Posted by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Sunday, October 22, 2017

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