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The Most Contagious Smile In A Metro Will Make You Piss In Your Pants


The Most Contagious Smile In A Metro Will Make You Piss In Your Pants

We have always heard how happiness is contagious. If you see someone smile, it will automatically make you feel better. In 2015, Coca-Cola started their choose happiness campaign in which they promoted smiling in an attempt to spread positivity and glee amongst others. This is the video of one of the local market stunt for the same purpose.

The stunt was created by Gonzales in Antwerp metro for the campaign in Belgium. By the end of the video, you can clearly see how effective it has been – further reinforcing the insight that happiness starts with a smile!

Just as in any other metro, the commuters were going about their business, carrying the usual mood. You will hardly notice someone smiling. Then enters the confederate and things start taking shape from there on.

Have you ever been in situation where someone starts laughing uncontrollably and you can’t hold back but laugh along? Well, there surely must have been a time like this! If it has been, you will probably relate to the phenomenon being portrayed in the video and if not then you will get an idea about what it is.

People adored this idea and found it to be an amazing way to market their product while doing something positive for the society. You can see for yourself how people are reacting to the man laughing so hard – some people smiled lightly while others laughed just as hard.

It is an idea which should have been employed worldwide. Who knows, maybe we would have been a part of this campaign too, hehe. You will realize the success of this campaign when you will find yourself smiling by the time it ends – if it had an effect on you, you can imagine why it wouldn’t have failed on the people present in the metro. Coke has being doing it correctly – happiness does indeed start with a smile!

Thanks to Serviceplan Group for shedding a light on this funny and positive video!

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