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People Who Grew Up With Narcissistic Parents Subconsciously Do These 7 Things To Destroy Themselves


People Who Grew Up With Narcissistic Parents Subconsciously Do These 7 Things To Destroy Themselves

Childhood is a sensitive time and bad parenting has disastrous, devastating and long lasting effects. If you grew up with narcissistic parents, chances are that the abusive behavior scarred you and you have to live with these effects well into adulthood because you never learned better.

These scars do not just mess with everything in your life as you struggle to deal with your emotions. Everyone needs help and it is not wrong to ask for it.

If you can relate to the points that are listed below, do not let life pass you by and get help, so that you can help another kid going through these things because you know how tough it really is:

1. Relationship issues

Because of the psychological scarring, relationships are not your strongest suit. You have separation and abandonment issues and you might be extremely insecure. These things often lead to falling out with people who love you and care for you. This also leads to you hating yourself and never letting people in because you are scared of being hurt.

2. Cycle

The human mind is a weird thing and often leads us to things we are generally running away from. This means that you often end up falling in love with people who are similar to your parents and then they treat you badly and then goes the downward spiral. You are drawn to this kind of toxicity because you detest yourself on a deeper level.

3. Low self esteem

Growing up with narcissistic parents will ruin your self esteem, as narcissists convince you that you are not good enough and you will never be. This goes on well into adulthood and you are extremely hard on yourself because you believe that you lack fundamental qualities and are worth nothing, or very little, in this world.

4. You blame yourself

Your parents blamed you for everything that went wrong in their lives and convinced you to believe that you are the one who messes everything up, so even in adulthood, even if it is someone else who is hurting you and making things terrible for you, you keep on blaming yourself no matter what. The result will be that people will blame you for everything that is wrong with them and you would actually believe them.

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5. Lack of sense of self

Your narcissist parents treated you like a slave and that is something that ruined your sense of purpose as an individual. You existed only to serve them and you have not been able to get out of that frame of mind, and this leads to you feeling lost on fundamental level and you never feel like you have a direction in life.

6. You are a people pleaser

Pushover, people pleaser, what have you. You have this innate need for approval and pleasing people because of how your parents programmed you. You feel like all you ever have to do is make other people happy, even if it disturbs your own peace of mind. Whenever you meet new people, you feel the need to make them like you and do something to approve of you as a person because you cannot function without that.

7. Mental illness

When one grows up with narcissistic parents, it puts the seed of mental illness in them. People like these suffer from depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. This happens because you find it extremely difficult to talk about things that you need and what will make you happy. You do not even know how to talk about your problems because your parents always told you that your problems are not real and you are making excuses to escape life and so on.

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime:

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Image source: Michael Coghlan/Flickr

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