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10 Raw Facts About Life That Will Shift Your Life 180 Degrees


10 Raw Facts About Life That Will Shift Your Life 180 Degrees

Did you suddenly have an amazing thought or an idea that completely transforms every notion you have about life? Then welcome to the world of epiphany!

The sudden thought that surprises you to the core is an epiphany. Welcome to a life changing experience. Epiphanies do not occur easily. They only surface when there is an extreme need of insight and realization in one’s life.

The word epiphany comes from the Greek word ‘epiphaneia’ and it means ‘to manifest or have a striking appearance’. It is a realization that is enlightening and solves a major problem.

These rare thoughts help you to progress in life. If you want to have an epiphany, then proceeds to these 10 points:

1. Everyone is running a race to gain money

We all have set up certain rules for the regulation of the society. The main ingredient of this system is money. Money buys us basic necessities and we work day after day to earn our wages. But what is money made of? Paper. We all trade our lives to have a paper that is more valuable than us. In turn, hindering the little time we get to think out from our busy schedules. There is a saying that “time is money’”, is it really so?

2. Judging others for the same activities we do

All of us learn from experience and sometimes we make some miscalculations. Humans are not perfect so it is obvious that we will make errors. Instead of correcting ourselves, we tend to judge other people for the same mistakes that we did. This should be rectified. We should help each other to become better human beings and concentrate on improving ourselves by learning from those errors of judgement, loving oneself and others is essential.

3. Creating memories rather than timelines

Life is an album of bitter-sweet memories that should be cherished. We do not remember anything by dates or time, but we recall moments. One should concentrate on creating various beautiful memories to fill one’s life.

4. Your mind is not you

We assume that what we think is what we are. But that is not the case. Our mind is definitely a major part of our existence but your mind cannot work without you. You are an amalgamation of your emotions, thoughts, kindness and desires. Your mind is not reduced to a puny voice in your head. You are made of a spirit and you are a pure creation. Humans are the most intelligent and advanced creations of nature. Try to see yourself from a different perspective.

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5. One has to pass hurdles and live with the scars

Everybody has hurdles that life throws at them. It is harsh and bitter but we have to overcome them. It leaves scars but that makes us stronger. All of us go through problems and none of them are less difficult than the other. Due to this negativity, we should grasp the little happiness that comes our way to lead a good life.

6. The future is now

We tend to procrastinate about our future and forget to live in our present. If we do not focus on our present then tomorrow won’t be fulfilling. So forget about the future and concentrate on the things that you can control now.

7. Feelings make us partial

Emotions are a part of our mind and they make us human. But sometimes these feelings make us partial towards some aspects of life. We cannot hide or ignore them, so the best way to rectify this is to notice them and accept their presence.

8. Don’t believe what people say about you

We always have perceptions about each other. No one is an open book so we should not judge a book by its cover. No one knows the real you apart from yourself, so love yourself and improve everyday.

9. Try and never give up

All of us are born with qualities that are unique to ourselves. The real success arrives from trying. Keep toiling and repeating every attempt as long as you don’t succeed. Do not resign easily. Just keep trying and you will hit the bull’s eye.

10. Mistakes are fine

Humans are imperfect beings. So there will be numerous mistakes and incorrect answers. Keep working, even if there are no solutions, because we learn from experiences. Always trust yourself as it is the key to your success.

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