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22 Harsh Truths About Existence That Will Force You to Get Your Sh*t Together


22 Harsh Truths About Existence That Will Force You to Get Your Sh*t Together

Life is a journey from innocence to experience and the path is not a smooth one

There are countless hurdles and the moment you overcome one, another one pops up.

It’s a known fact that life is tough, but sometimes we lose the motivation to fight. Instead of swimming, we give in and eventually drown. Stop right there

Instead of procrastinating and planning for better things, take charge of your life. Once you accept these hard-hitting truths, your approach to life will change.

1. You will eventually die

When I watched Shawshank Redemption, the dialogue “get busy living or get busy dying” was my moment of epiphany. Death is the ultimate truth. No matter how hard you try to make life perfect, it will end, and there’s no escaping that.

Off the record, if you still haven’t watched Shawshank Redemption, now is the perfect time. It’s my top 1 movie of all times. (and top 1st ranked on IMDB)

2. Everybody you know will die

You can’t let your fear of loss smother people, but you can’t take them for granted either. Everyone you know will die and so will you.

3. Wealth isn’t happiness

The best things are really for free. Material wealth is great for instant gratification but pure bliss comes from within. And if you go to chase the money, and only money, believe me… you are wasting your most precious time that will eventually end. (see #1)

4. Searching for happiness makes you lose it

Ever tried finding your favorite shirt frantically before an event and failing only to see it after the occasion is over? Apply that to life. Happiness is a butterfly that you shouldn’t chase; it will sit on your palm when you aren’t looking.

5. Spend time not money

Time is the biggest currency. Try to spend time with your loved ones, it is not important to splurge always, engage in meaningful conversations and activities. Not only think about that Time is all you have but know it. Time is really the only thing you have that is ticking away.

6. You can’t please everyone

Stop trying to do so this moment as it drains every ounce of energy left in you.

7. Accept your feelings

You are only human and it is okay to have feelings. Denying that you have emotions won’t help you get rid of them.

8. When you’re gone, you’re gone

Not everyone leaves behind something worth remembering or touches many people’s lives. Don’t bother about leaving a legacy.

9. Be responsible

Quit playing the victim and decide your destiny. Take ownership of your actions instead of blaming it all on fate.

10. Stop trying to be perfect

Nobody is perfect, so why try so hard? Such a romantic concept should be done away with. Don’t waste your life trying to live up to such ideals and accept yourself completely.

11. Don’t waste talent

It is God’s special gift and must not be wasted at any cost. Always do your best.

12. Live in the now

“We look before and after/ and pine for what is not.” These lines capture human predicament at its finest. Live in the present as planning for future or pondering over the past kills your happiness.

13. Nobody cares how hard your life is

Yes you are not alone because life is hard for everyone. Stop thinking your problems are greater and whine about it. You will definitely irritate people that way, and off the record, very, VERY few people will actually care about your problems, but they really don’t want to hear about your problems all the time.

14. Share your knowledge

Knowledge grows by sharing. Learn new things and reach out to others too.

15. Invest in yourself

As Dr. Seuss said, “no one is “youer” than you”, be the best version possible. Focus and indulge in pampering yourself once in awhile.

16. When things suck, don’t react

When something goes south, do not start playing the blame game. It is all about perspective. Try to find the silver or grey lining in every situation and focus on that.

17. Quit dreaming and do the work

It is easy to escape into a dream world. Dreams aren’t enough to achieve your goal, perseverance and practice is the key. Do not sit and hope that things will magically take shape.

18. Time is more valuable than money

24 hours is enough if you plan it accordingly and less if you don’t focus. In our obsession with money, we forget to utilize time, the biggest resource.

19. Be grateful

You cannot achieve everything so learn to be content. Appreciate the little things in life instead of crying over what you don’t have.

20. Donate time

“Heal the world make it a better place”, it is possible by donating time to the community. Only money has no value in shaping a society.

21. Don’t lose yourself

In the chaotic journey of life, it is easy to get carried away. Remember who you are and never give in.

22. You can’t take money with you when you die

Death doesn’t discriminate. If your life is a rat race of earning more and more; in the process forgetting to live, you have wasted the one gift God gave. Make time for things that matter.

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